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Both Sides Now V: Queer 彼岸觀自在V: 酷兒時代
Both Sides Now V: Queer 彼岸觀自在V: 酷兒時代
Both Sides Now V: Queer 彼岸觀自在V: 酷兒時代
Both Sides Now V: Queer 彼岸觀自在V: 酷兒時代
Both Sides Now V: Queer 彼岸觀自在V: 酷兒時代

Both Sides Now V: Queer彼岸觀自在V: 酷兒時代

13/05/2019 - 30/06/2019

Both Sides Now V, the fifth edition of a long term project partnered between Videotage (HK) and videoclub (UK) presenting contemporary and historical films and video works from the UK and Hong Kong and China. The 2019 edition in Hong Kong, developed and co-presented with Eaton HK, is programmed under the theme “Queer” with a series of events, including screening and showcase, exhibition, LGBTQ party, “slow dating”, and other thematic activities presented at Eaton HK.

Over the years, LGBTQ people have formed a huge and vibrant community that includes spectrums of sexual practices and gender. Yet, with the rise of right-wing sentiments globally, the acceptance Queer people have enjoyed feels like it is in descent. In response to this, Both Sides Now V will explore queer identity and culture with the local audience with a series of events in May and June.

Screening & Showcase

Isaac Leung from Videotage and Jamie Wyld from videoclub have selected a series of video artwork from the UK, Hong Kong and China under the theme “Queer”. The line-up includes one of the most important local video artists Anson Mak, internationally acclaimed media artist Ming Wong, the winner of the Turner Prize of Tate Modern in 2018 Charlotte Prodger, and some of the very talented artists from the region and the UK. The screening aims to explore aspects of LGBTQ life and reflect upon the power dynamics between queerness and contemporary society. The screening will be held at Eaton HK’s cinema Kino and the artworks will be also showcased in the thematic exhibition at the lobby at Eaton HK.

The selection includes the following video artworks:

Films from Hong Kong, Mainland China & Singapore

Anson Mak – Differences Do Matter , Ming Wong – Teach German with Petra Von Kant , Fan Popo – The Drum Tower , Siu-man Wu – A Glass of Water

Films from the UK

Charlotte Prodger – Handclap/Punchhole , Jay Bernard – Something Said , Matt Lambert – God is Watching , Lucie Rachel – Where We Are Now , Rob Crosse – Dear Samuel

Exhibition -Bad Bodies

Curated by Hong Kong-based curator Nick Yu, the exhibition at artspace Tomorrow Maybe takes inspiration from and gives interpretation of the theme “Queer”. Video artworks from Eisa Jocson, Isaac Chong Wai, Ip Wai Lung, Mary Maggic, Rob Crosse and Samak Kosem are selected under the theme “Bad Bodies”. “Bad” shall not be interpreted as of poor quality here, but of the non-conformist that resists the society’s normalisation of body image.  The exhibition will showcase how queer people overthrow narrow understandings of gender identity and regain their autonomy fearlessly with their idea of bad bodies.

Slow Dating - Human Instrumentality Project

“Slow Dating - Human Instrumentality Project” have invited two experienced local artists in date-planning: Doreen Chan and Ip Wai Lung, together with Videotage project coordinator Joseph Chen and Kelvin Yiu, to curate and host a series of events to connect the queer community. In the name of Art, a micro-heterotopia for non-heterosexuals or non-cisgenders is constructed to erase the estrangement among a wide range of gender, sexual orientation, race, age and social class, which completed us as a whole.

Talk – Transgressive Bodies & Publication Showcase

Transgressive Bodies invites three young creative minds engaging in different aspects of artistic creation to share their creative experiences of queer bodies in conversation at Eaton Radio. They are Nicholas Wong, an acclaimed poet and the winner of the prestigious Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry, Jun Li, an emerging film director whose debut feature, Tracey is centred on the life of a transgendered woman, and Castiel Wong, an activist/performance artist who has once been arrested for his performance art in Pride Parade. The speakers will have a discussion about using art as a form of transgression of the boundaries and frontiers among body, gender and sex, the talk will be moderated by Kobe Ko, an curator and writer focusing on gender studies.

A selection of magazines, books, media art brochures and leaflets from the library of Videotage Media Art Collection (VMAC) that show the evolution of LGBTQ movements and community will be presented at Colony Kids on G/F Eaton HK. Spanning across many years, the selection of publications will showcase the path walked by generations of the LGBTQ community.

Party – Nicam Camp Night

“Nicam Camp Night” (curated by Videotage Project Coordinator, Joseph Chen) comprises a twofold meaning of “camp”, which is framed in the original and localized contexts simultaneously. And it is just like NICAM, the broadcast system playing dual languages, the original audio in a foreign language and the Cantonese dubbed audio, instantaneously. Let’s celebrate the extravagant and flamboyant styles, theatrical and ironic gender expressions with the performances by Shmily (施魅力 See How Much I Love You), the oldest amateur drag queen in Hong Kong, also Kelvin TAlexmalism and Misty Penguin, local queer and trans DJs, accompanied by shealwaysresolume, an emerging VJ and Bobby Chan-Chan (KUNT_ARCH) with their video footages inspired by feminine beauty, last but not least, QQBBG, a cute girl idol with her songs out of true love.

彼岸觀自在V將以酷兒時代(Queer)為題,Eaton HK、videoclub和錄映太奇將共同在香港呈獻一連串活動,包括錄像放映、展覽、主題活動,展示英國、香港和中國當代和歷史錄像及媒體作品。

酷兒運動經過多年的發展,今日已開拓出寬闊的光譜,酷兒社羣比以往更壯大。但隨著後殖民主義與右翼思想在近年社會大行其道,酷兒須面對更大的挑戰。為了回應這個時代, 今年彼岸觀自在V選映一系列錄像作品探索酷兒身份與文化,錄映太奇、videoclub與Eaton HK將於五、六月攜手於香港舉行一系列錄像放映、展覽、LGBTQ主題派對、酷兒交友活動、講座及書藉展示。


錄映太奇的梁學彬及videoclub的Jamie Wyld,精選一系列來自英國、香港和中國的錄像,作為彼岸觀自在V的主題節目,其中包括來自香港錄像藝術先鋒麥海珊、新加坡著名錄像藝術家黃漢明、去年英國泰特美術館透納獎得主Charlotte Prodger的作品等等。今年香港放映將於Eaton HK的戲院Kino舉行,探討LGBTQ生活和性別議題,反思酷兒與當今社會的權力關係。是次放映作品亦將會作為主題展示於Eaton HK地下大堂展出 。


麥海珊 – 《大不同》、黃漢明 – 《跟柏蒂娜學德語》  、范坡坡 – 《鼓樓西》 、胡兆雯 – 《本是一清水》


Charlotte Prodger – Handclap/Punchhole 、Jay Bernard – Something Said 、Matt Lambert – God is Watching 、Lucie Rachel – Where We Are Now 、Rob Crosse – Dear Samuel


展覽由香港策展人俞迪祈策劃,於Tomorrow Maybe藝術空間舉行,從另一角度回應彼岸觀自在V的意念。展覽主題為「壞體」,展出六位藝術家莊偉葉惠龍Eisa JocsonMary MaggicRob CrosseSamak Kosem的錄像及媒體作品。策展人以彼岸觀自在V的主題「酷兒」為靈感,從軀體角度詮釋酷兒。Bad bodies非指低等的身體,而是指推翻主流所認同的身體形象,抗衡對性別的狹窄定義,大膽展露酷兒叛逆精神。

慢會 - 人類補完計劃

「慢會 - 人類補完計劃」邀請了兩位本地藝術家陳泳因葉惠龍,兩位具籌劃約會經驗的藝術家,聯同錄映太奇項目統籌陳敬元姚玠廷,合力策劃一連串連結酷兒社群的活動,以藝術名義建立一個非異性戀或非順性別宰制的微型異托邦,消弭各種性別、性傾向、種族、年齡、階級的隔閡,人類得以補足完滿彼此。

講座 – 踰器越道及書展

踰器越道邀得三位來自不同藝術媒介的年輕創作人,於Eaton Radio以酷兒身體的創作為題舉行講座,包括美國浪達同志文學獎得主、本地詩人黃裕邦 (Nicholas Wong) 、以《翠絲》探討跨性別議題的新晉導演李駿碩(Jun Li),以及曾因在同志遊行中表演行為藝術被捕的行為藝術家黃榮鋒(Castiel Wong)。講座將由專注性別研究的策展人和文字人高穎琳(Kobe Ko)主持,與講者討論如何以藝術作踰越身體與性/別邊界的媒介。

另外,錄映太奇媒體藝術庫藏(VMAC)亦精選了一系列有關LGBTQ的雜誌、書籍、媒體藝術小冊子及單張,在Eaton HK地下大堂中的Colony Kids的書架展出。展品橫跨不同年代,反映LGBTQ運動的發展,呈現酷兒社羣多年來的轉變。

派對 – 麗音夜形

「Camp」主題派對「麗音夜形 Nicam Camp Night」(由錄映太奇項目統籌陳敬元策劃) 同時囊括「camp」在原始與本土語境下的雙重面向,如同麗音廣播(NICAM)將外語原聲與粵語配音的雙聲道即時廣播。現誠邀大家一同參加派對,享受由香港最年老的業餘變裝皇后-施魅力、本地酷兒與跨性DJs-Kelvin T、AlexmalismMisty Penguin的表演、新晉VJ-shealwaysresolumeBobby Chan-Chan的錄像素材呈現陰柔之美以及可愛少女偶像QQBBG散播真愛的歌聲。

event details /


Date & Time: 24/5/2019, 8:00-10:00PM
Venue: Kino@Eaton House, 1/F Eaton HK


Date & Time: 13/5-30/6/2019
Venue: Lobby, G/F Eaton HK


Date & Time: 13/5-30/6/2019, 11:00AM-9:00PM
Venue: Tomorrow Maybe, 4/F Eaton HK


Isaac Chong Wai  – Equilibrium No.6 – Distance
Rob Crosse –  Prime Time
Ip Wai Lung – Qingdao Lotus Pond
Eisa Jocson – Princess Studies
Samak Kosem – Neverland
Mary Maggic – Housewives Making Drugs & Molecular Queering Agency

Slow Dating - Human Instrumentality Project

Date & Time: 9/6/2019, 3:00-9:00PM
Venue: various locations at Eaton HK

Talk – Transgressive Bodies & Publication Showcase

Talk Date & Time: 1/6/2019, 5:00PM
Eaton Radio Website:
Facebook: @eatonhkhotel

Publication Showcase Period: 13/5-30/6/2019
Venue: Eaton Radio, LG & Colony Kids, G/F Eaton HK

Party – Nicam Camp Night

Date & Time: 15/6/2019, 9:00PM
Venue: Music Room, Terrible Baby, 4/F Eaton HK


地點:Kino@Eaton House, 1/F Eaton HK


日期:2019年5月13 日- 6月30日
地點:Eaton HK 地下大堂


日期及時間:2019年5月13 日- 6月30日, 11:00AM-9:00PM
地點:Tomorrow Maybe, 4/F Eaton HK


莊偉 – 平衡6-距離
Rob Crosse – Prime Time
葉惠龍 – 青島蓮花池
Eisa Jocson – Princess Studies
Samak Kosem – Neverland
Mary Maggic – Housewives Making Drugs & Molecular Queering Agency

慢會 - 人類補完計劃

地點:Eaton HK內不同地點

講座 – 踰器越道及書展

講座日期:2019年6月1日 5:00PM
Eaton Radio 網站:

Facebook: @eatonhkhotel

書展日期:2019年5月13日- 6月30日
地點:Eaton Radio, LG & Colony Kids, G/F Eaton HK

派對 – 麗音夜形

時間: 15/6/2019, 9:00PM
地點: Music Room, Terrible Baby, 4/F Eaton HK

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