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Both Sides Now I: Screenings in UK 彼岸觀自在I:英國放映展

Both Sides Now I: Screenings in UK彼岸觀自在I:英國放映展

24/06/2014 - 30/07/2014

Both Sides Now – Somewhere between Hong Kong and the UK presents contemporary and historical film and video work from the UK, Hong Kong and China, curated by Isaac Leung of Videotage and Jamie Wyld of videoclub. The films explore developments within the culture and society of Hong Kong and China over the past three decades, including work which reflects on the on-going dynamics of cultures in Hong Kong, China, and the UK. The programme contains work by some of the UK’s, Hong Kong and China’s most exciting artists working in film and video, and varies between animation, documentary and artist’ moving image.

《這麼近那麼遠 – 香港和英國之間的某處》由錄映太奇主席梁學彬與英國videoclub策展人Jamie Wyld共同策劃。這是一個長期項目的初始階段,旨在從歷史的角度重讀香港和英國兩地的流動影像作品。《這麼近那麼遠》挑選了港英兩地藝術家於1989年至2013年間創作的錄像藝術、動畫及紀錄片。有些作品也許已被社會主流排斥或遺忘,卻可以為重新解讀兩地此刻的社會現實提供一種視角。

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Screenings in the UK

24 June 2014 : FACT, Liverpool
26 June 2014 : Duke’s at Komedia, Brighton
05 July 2014 : Whitechapel Gallery, London
13 July 2014 : Floating Cinema, King’s Cross, London
30 July 2014 : Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle


24 Jun 2014 : FACT, 利物浦
26 Jun 2014 : Duke’s at Komedia, 布萊頓
05 Jul 2014 : Whitechapel Gallery, 倫敦
13 Jul 2014 : Floating Cinema, King’s Cross, 倫敦
30 July 2014 : Star and Shadow Cinema, 紐卡素

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