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Both Sides Now V:  Artist Residency - Nicole Pun 彼岸觀自在 V:駐留藝術家 - 潘浩欣

Both Sides Now V: Artist Residency - Nicole Pun彼岸觀自在 V:駐留藝術家 - 潘浩欣

Artist Residency
08/03/2019 - 25/03/2019

Both Sides Now V:  Artist Residency – Ho Yan Pun Nicole

Nicole Pun is a residency artist under Both Sides Now V, the fifth edition of a long term project partnered between Videotage (HK) and videoclub (UK) in presenting contemporary and historical films and video works from the UK, Hong Kong and China, curated by Isaac Leung and Jamie Wyld.

In collaboration with The Marlborough Pub & Theatre for Both Sides Now V, Hong Kong artist, Nicole Pun will work at The Marlborough Pub & Theatre for creating a commissioned artwork between 8 March and 25 March. As an on-going project by Nicole about the possibilities of sex, she will continue her project by interviewing and researching localized experience of LGBTQ community in Brighton.

Nicole Pun is a visual artist based in Hong Kong. She uses photography, video, performance to explore queer identity, desire and female representation. Her artistic practice involves collaborations and interviews with strangers. She received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2014. She has a BSSc from the Chinese of University of Hong Kong, with a background in Journalism and Communication. Her work has been exhibited in Circus Gallery in Los Angeles; Avenue 50 Studio in Los Angeles; SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco; McGroarty Arts Center in Tujunga; “In & Out” Nicole Pun Solo Exhibition at Lumenvisum in Hong Kong. She is the recipient of a number of grants and awards, including Yale-China Arts Fellowship, Emerging Artists Scheme of Hong Kong Arts Development Council, WMA Masters Special Mention Award and First Prize of Chiquita Canyon landfill art competition.

彼岸觀自在 V:駐留藝術家 – 潘浩欣

潘浩欣彼岸觀自在V的駐留藝術家。彼岸觀自在V為錄映太奇(香港)與videoclub(英國)合作的長期項目,由梁學彬和Jamie Wyld共同策劃,展示英國、香港和中國當代和歷史電影及錄像作品。

彼岸觀自在V與英國 The Marlborough Pub & Theatre合作,在3月8日至3月25日期間,香港藝術家潘浩欣將駐進The Marlborough Pub & Theatre創作委託作品。她計劃在布賴頓的同志社群進行訪談及研究她們的在地經歷進行創作。作品的創作方向將基於藝術家對探索同性戀者的參與研究而發展。

潘浩欣 ,本地視覺藝術家,以攝影、錄像和表演藝術去探索同性戀者的身份認同、慾望和女性身份象徵,並通過採訪和邀請陌生人合作而獲到創作靈感。潘氏擁有香港中文大學社會科學學士學位,主修新聞及傳播士;並於2014年在加州藝術學院取得藝術創作碩士。她的作品曾於多個地方展出,包括洛杉磯的Circus Gallery與Avenue 50 Studio、三藩市的SOMArts Cultural Center、美國圖洪加的McGroarty Arts Center及香港光影作坊舉辦個人展覽「In&Out」。 此外,藝術家潘浩欣獲得多項資助及獎項,其中包括曾獲雅禮協會的「雅禮藝術家」名銜、榮獲香港藝術發展局的「新苗資助」、 WMA 大師攝影獎的特別嘉許獎和Chiquita Canyon landfill art competition的一等獎等。

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Both Sides Now V:  Artist Residency – Nicole Pun
Residency Period: 08 — 25 March 2019

彼岸觀自在 V:藝術家駐場-潘浩恩

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