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Both Sides Now V: Party: Nicam Camp Night 彼岸觀自在V: 派對: 麗音夜形

Both Sides Now V: Party: Nicam Camp Night彼岸觀自在V: 派對: 麗音夜形


After this year’s Met Gala, “Camp” got viral again as a nod to Susan Sontag’s essay, Notes On “Camp” (1964) which has published for more than a half of century. Even though She has written 58 jottings of “Camp”, still, it is not easy to describe what is “Camp” as the canon of “Camp” changes over time. But the essence of “Camp”, which is the love towards artificial and exaggerated aesthetics, remains unchanged.

Thanks to Chow Yun-fat’s pet phrase in Eighth Happiness (1988), a local comedy movie, “camp camp tei” (camp camp 地) has once become a buzzword among Hong Kongese in the late twentieth century. However, it has actually been narrowly interpreted as effeminacy with a connotation of being homosexual.

“Nicam Camp Night” (curated by Videotage Project Coordinator, Joseph Chen) comprises a twofold meaning of “camp”, which is framed in the aforementioned original and localized contexts simultaneously. And it is just like NICAM, the broadcast system playing dual languages, the original audio in a foreign language and the Cantonese dubbed audio, instantaneously.

Let’s celebrate the extravagant and flamboyant styles, theatrical and ironic gender expressions with the performances by Shmily (施魅力 See How Much I Love You), the oldest amateur drag queen in Hong Kong. Also Kelvin TAlexmalism and Misty Penguin, local queer and trans DJs, accompanied by shealwaysresolume, an emerging VJ and Bobby Chan-Chan (KUNT_ARCH) with their video footages inspired by feminine beauty, last but not least, QQBBG, a cute girl idol with her songs of true love.

今年的Met Gala 過後,「Camp」一詞再次成為大眾焦點。蘇珊·桑塔格 (Susan Sontag) 的《坎普札記》(1964)自出版後已經歷半世紀,即使她為「Camp」下了58個要點,我們對「Camp」的理解仍隨年月改變。或許,基於其變化多端的性質,我們難以歸類什麼為「Camp」風格,但「Camp」的核心思想並不受時間影響,反映對人造與浮誇風格中所蘊含的美學嚮往,始終如一。香港搞笑電影《八星報喜》(1988)中周潤發的口頭禪 -「camp camp 地」,不但成為二十世紀末流行一時的潮語,更被狹義地解讀為陰柔男子,並帶有同性戀的含義。

「Camp」主題派對「麗音夜形 Nicam Camp Night」(由錄映太奇項目統籌陳敬元策劃) 同時囊括「camp」在原始與本土語境下的雙重面向,如同麗音廣播(NICAM)將外語原聲與粵語配音的雙聲道即時廣播。現誠邀大家一同參加派對,享受由香港最年長的業餘變裝皇后-施魅力、本地酷兒與跨性DJs-Kelvin TAlexmalismMisty Penguin的表演、新晉VJ-shealwaysresolumeBobby Chan-Chan的錄像素材呈現陰柔之美以及可愛少女偶像QQBBG以真愛歌聲感染人類,所帶來鋪張炫麗的風格與誇張諷刺的性別氣質的夜晚!

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Date & Time: 13/7/2019, 9:00PM

Venue: Music Room, Terrible Baby, 4/F Eaton HK


地點:Music Room, Terrible Baby, 4/F Eaton HK

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