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Both Sides Now II: Exhibition at CFCCA, Manchester 彼岸觀自在II:展覽 (CFCCA, 曼徹斯特, 英國)

Both Sides Now II: Exhibition at CFCCA, Manchester彼岸觀自在II:展覽 (CFCCA, 曼徹斯特, 英國)

25/09/2015 - 06/12/2015

Both Sides Now 2 attempts, through moving image works, to explore national identity and culture, and to raise questions about both China & Hong Kong and the UK. Comparisons between both countries arise – revolution and referendum, richness and austerity, lions and tigers. And unicorns.

Both Sides Now 2 – It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times is the second phase of a long-term project that proposes (historical) re-readings of artists’ moving image from Hong Kong, China and the UK. By selecting video works of art, animations and documentary films, produced by Hong Kong and UK artists from 1989 to 2014, the project will reinterpret the experience of here and now by looking into the potentially excluded and forgotten moving images of Hong Kong.

In the new edition, videoclub (UK) and Videotage (HK) bring together internationally-recognised artists from the fields of video and film during a several month-long programme from June – August 2015. To build on the ideas posited from the success of Both Sides Now – Somewhere between Hong Kong and the UK, 15 arts organisations in the UK, China and Hong Kong will take part in various extensive screenings, exhibitions and artists-in-residence programmes.

The programme at CFCCA includes work by: David Blandy, Birdy Chu, Lucy Clout, Lu Yang, Rachel Maclean, Map Office, Ellen Pau, Wong Ping, Daniel Shanken, Ben Rivers.

彼岸觀自在II:最好的時代,最壞的時代? 就借用各類流動的影像去探討及反思中國、香港、英國三地的身分認同及文化問題。中、港、英三地遇到的問題其實都是息息相關。無論是政治上的變革或公投,經濟上的富裕和緊縮,到國家的象徵如英國的獅子(或應加上蘇格蘭的獨角獸?)和中國的龍–也都是似曾相識。


在這為期數月(2015年7月至12月)的活動中,錄映太奇及英國的videoclub將會與一眾國際知名的錄像藝術家們合作。如同之前大獲好評的 彼岸觀自在I:這麼近那麼遠一樣,將會有多達十五個來自中國、香港、英國的團體參與放映會、展覽及駐場藝術家的活動。

藝術家包括: David Blandy, 朱迅, Lucy Clout, 陸揚, Rachel Maclean, MAP Office (古儒郎&林海華), 鮑藹倫, 黃炳, Daniel Shanken, Ben Rivers.

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Opening date and times: 24 September 2015, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Exhibition dates: 25 September – 6 December 2015

Address: Market Buildings, 13 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU

開幕: 2015年9月24日, 下午6:00 – 8:30

展覽日期: 2015年9月25日 – 12月6日

地址: Market Buildings, 13 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU

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