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Microwave International New Media Arts Festival- Luminous Echo 微波國際媒體藝術節- 形光譜

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival- Luminous Echo微波國際媒體藝術節- 形光譜

Art Festival
10/11/2007 - 18/11/2007

Luminous Echo is where light crosses paths with sound, appearing in all kinds of forms. The Festival curatorial team has invited over 13 artists from all around the world, turning the City Hall exhibition hall into a luminous echo display room. Visitors can come forth to take part in as well as explore new experiences of these elements that are normally omnipresent in our city. Through the stimulation of visitors’ aural and visual senses from the artworks, they are driven to reexamine the city’s relationship with the self.




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Date: 10 – 18 November 2007
Venue: Hong Kong Film Archive, Hong Kong Space Museum, Innocentre, Popbites, Hong Kong City Hall

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