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Unknown Connection Line
Unknown Connection Line
Unknown Connection Line
Unknown Connection Line
Unknown Connection Line

Unknown Connection Line

Simplified Chinese
Single-channel Video
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Unknown Connection Line is the third part of the trilogy that tells the story of “Yinglin’s” journey to and arrival at MONDO. The unknown connection line also refers to the connection between people, between cultures and cultures, and between many relationships. The relationship between “Yinglin” and the social group, as well as between “Yinglin” and herself, is revealed. In MONDO’s life, and in the two-way interaction with other members of the society and with the society, “Yinglin” has been working towards the goal of becoming a member of the society. The contradictions and struggles are reflected in the specific, metaphorical images and music. The countdown in the work is like the abstract distance between “Yinglin” and the society. The fact that the countdown does not end completely means that the distance between “Yinglin” and the social group does not disappear completely, and also means that “Yinglin’s” own cultural identity is not completely transformed. The unknown connection line in the work, which is the embodiment of the relationship between different objects in the work, is also always in flux.

This work as the last of the trilogy, places the relationship between “Yinglin” and the social group at a distance of 0.000001. This also implies that the state of verbuchstabieren’s identity is also always in the process of transformation and change. It does not disappear completely, nor does it stop completely. The dilemma of the identity of the intercultural immigrants is also illustrated sideways.

Unknown Connection Line作為三部曲作品的第三部,講述了Yinglin前往並到達MONDO以後的事。未知的連線同時也暗指人和人之間的,文化和文化之間的,諸多關係的連線。 “Yinglin”和社會群體,以及“Yinglin”和自己的關係被展現出來。在MONDO的生活中,以及在與別的社會成員以及與社會的雙向接觸中,“Yinglin”一直朝著成為社會成員這一目標努力。其中的矛盾和掙扎體現在了特定的,充滿隱喻的畫面和音樂中。作品中的倒計時就如同“Yinglin”和這個社會之間的抽象的距離。最後倒計時沒能完全結束,也意味著“Yinglin”和社會群體之間的距離沒有完全消失,同時也意味著“Yinglin”自己的文化的身份沒有完全地轉化。作品中未知的線,在作品中作為不同對象之間的關係的體現,也一直在變化中。


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