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Brighton Is Our Playground
Brighton Is Our Playground
Brighton Is Our Playground
Brighton Is Our Playground

Brighton Is Our Playground

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Work Directed, Music Composed & Footage Edited by Choi Sai-Ho.
Audio Mastered by Anthony Yeung.
Acknowledgement: Historical Footage provided by Screen Archive South East.
Commissioned by videoclub and Videotage for the Experimental Motion exhibition at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery (21,10,16 – 04,06,17), as part of videoclub and Videotage’s programme BOTH SIDES NOW 3.
Supported by Arts Council England and Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
Brighton Is Our Playground is a new art film work sampling 16 archive films from Screen Archive South East’s collection of SE England, re-editing and layering multiple images and newly composed music creating a new work. The historical films document the English life and culture of the early 20th century, as well as the gliding cityscapes on the highway, which are a reflection of the British lifestyle at that time, capturing past trends and historic memories.
選材自英國十六齣 found footage 重新剪接、多重影像交疊及創作音樂,(以香港講法)進行「二次創作」,去完成全新一齣藝術影片作品。舊影片當中記載著昔日英國人日常生活點滴、公路上滑行中的城市景緻等等,反映當時英國人生活態度之餘,亦是對昔日生活潮流與歷史回憶的重新整合與回應。



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