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Videotage @ Flame HK - Video Art Fair 香港錄像藝術博覽會

Videotage @ Flame HK - Video Art Fair香港錄像藝術博覽會

05/10/2019 - 06/10/2019

Videotage presents the artworks of five promising young local and international artists – Jennifer Chan, Enoch Cheng, Chilai Howard, Choi Sai Ho and Shi Zheng – in the first FLAME HK Video Art Expo and Art Festival. Having collaborated closely with these artists in some art projects previously, the showcase features their significant experimental video artworks, not only demonstrating hybrid and representative moving images in the contemporary art scene but also reflecting the spirit of our era.

錄映太奇於第一屆FLAME HK 錄像藝術博覽會暨藝術節呈獻5位具代表性之年輕本地及國際新媒體藝術家,包括Jennifer Chan、鄭得恩、鄭智禮、蔡世豪及施政的作品。錄映太奇與5位千禧世代藝術家於過往有數次緊密合作,本次攜同他們各有特色的實驗錄像創作,展示影像媒材於當代藝術創作中的多元變化,呈現錄像藝術所反映的時代脈搏。

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公眾展期 PUBLIC DAY | 2019.10.05 – 10.06

時間 Time: 12:00-20:00

地點 Venue: Ovolo Hotels