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2012 〔香港.二零一二〕
2012 〔香港.二零一二〕
2012 〔香港.二零一二〕


Single-channel Video
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2012 is an artistic response to the political and social movement toward universal suffrage in Hong Kong. The artist mixes video clips documenting the protests in 2004 (1st July), 2007 (1st July), and 2008 (13th Jan) and adds frame-by-frame visual treatment, “pen strokes”, collages, etc. to create this audio-visual interpretation.

  • Selected to Loop 2009 Barcelona Videoart Festival Screening Programme “This Is Hong Kong” (28-30 May 2009)
  • Selected to Alternative Space Loop, Loop Media Center, 335-11 Seokyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, South Korea – Video Programme “This is Hong Kong” (04 July 2009 – 24 August 2009)

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Choi Sai Ho is an electronic musician and audio-visual artist. S.T. is his solo project. Sai Ho received classical music training since childhood. His works cover different types of music genres including electronica, downtempo, IDM, avant-garde, experimental, etc. He was selected as the first Hong Kong Chinese musician to join the Red Bull Music Academy 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. In 2008, Sai Ho was selected as the number 8 of the Hong Kongs Top 20 Musicians by Hong Kong Time-Out Magazine. He collaborates with different kinds of artists, musicians and directors, and keeps working actively on audio-visual performances, live gigs, remixes, experimental short films, music score for films, etc. Looking for possibility, variety, diversity.

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