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Freezing Night.Tram Depot 寒夜電車廠
Freezing Night.Tram Depot 寒夜電車廠
Freezing Night.Tram Depot 寒夜電車廠

Freezing Night.Tram Depot寒夜電車廠

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音樂 music、影像 visual:蔡世豪 Choi Sai-ho.
詩作 poem:也斯(梁秉鈞)Ya Si(Leung Ping-kwan).
讀詩 recitation:趙芷莛 Emillie Chiu.
附加中英文字幕.with Chinese & English subtitles.
English translated by Martha Cheung.
Freezing Night.Tram Depot was commissioned and premiered at the 2014 Hong Kong Arts Festival.
以 musique concrète 的聲音拼貼風格,取樣電車所發出的各種聲音例如經典的叮叮聲、電車響安聲、煞車聲等作素材(samples),成為創作材料,並啟發自 Radiohead、Kraftwerk 等節奏為本(beat-oriented)的音樂結構、肌理,以多元電音曲風為節奏參考骨幹之一,採用耳熟能詳的現成電車聲錄音素材,嘗試實踐具電氣化與時代感的香港「電車音樂」。讀詩語句時的拼貼混音參照也斯在詩句上的結構,嘗試從聽覺上顯示出來。

With the sound collage technique of musique concrete, the iconic “ding-ding”, horn and braking sounds of the Hong Kong tram was sampled, and used the beat-oriented structure inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Kraftwerk, as well as the trendy beats of diversified electronic music as the backbone of the rhythm. With found sounds of the familiar tram, a type of contemporary, electrified “tram music” was attempted to create. The collaging and mixing of the poetry reading references the structure of Ya Si’s poetry, allowing for an aural display of these literary creations.

Video Production Year:2014.

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Choi Sai Ho is an electronic musician and audio-visual artist. S.T. is his solo project. Sai Ho received classical music training since childhood. His works cover different types of music genres including electronica, downtempo, IDM, avant-garde, experimental, etc. He was selected as the first Hong Kong Chinese musician to join the Red Bull Music Academy 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. In 2008, Sai Ho was selected as the number 8 of the Hong Kongs Top 20 Musicians by Hong Kong Time-Out Magazine. He collaborates with different kinds of artists, musicians and directors, and keeps working actively on audio-visual performances, live gigs, remixes, experimental short films, music score for films, etc. Looking for possibility, variety, diversity.

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