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Mirage 蜃樓
Mirage 蜃樓
Mirage 蜃樓
Mirage 蜃樓
Single-channel Video
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By merging mirror space and the densely packed skyscrapers of Central, this film captures a surreal perspective of the business centre of Hong Kong. Looking through the reflections of glass and mirror, while both are presented in a faintly discernible and fragmented way, the archetype of a bustling business district is present, yet the quiet of the night takes over every cycle. Using the geometric shape of mirrors and buildings as a basis, Central is exhibited in a kaleidoscopic composition, always shifting but never losing its distinctive edges. Objects found in Central are moving in sync with the rhythm of the music, passing through layers of glass and light. With Central being in close proximity to Victoria Harbour, the change of pace is implied with images and sounds of the sea.

Commissioned by the Hong Kong Tourism Board

“Mirage蜃樓”融合鏡像空間和香港中央區密集的摩天大樓,並捕捉了香港商業 中心的超現􏰀視角。透過幾何形狀的玻璃和鏡子中的倒影,巧妙地將繁忙的金 融中心隱藏於碎片化的影像之中,并以􏰁靜的夜海為循環作結。 幾何碎片呈現了中環地區的萬花筒景象,不斷變換卻始終保留其獨特的韻味。 伴隨著層層玻璃和光線,中環的不同的景色與音樂的節奏同步移動,形成和諧 的影像。

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Cyrus LEUNG is an animation and audio graduate from the City University of Hong Kong Creative Media. Greatly influenced by science and folk culture, her work ranges from animation, illustration, graphic design, circuit bending and installation. Apart from visual arts, she is also a multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer, actively bringing world music, analog sounds, experimental sonic art and fusion genres together with audiovisuals.

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