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CHENG Chi Lai, Howard 鄭智禮

CHENG Chi Lai, Howard鄭智禮

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Chilai Howard (b.1986) is a Hong Kong Mixed-Media art worker graduated at the School of Creative Media, Cityuhk (intermedia art) and Hkust (creative communication), who loves to explore speculative affairs and experience different artistic mediums focusing on moving images and mixed media installation.
Chilai has exhibited in various festivals and galleries internationally, “Both Sides Now”, Museum of Contempory Art, Taipei (2015), “Video Art in Asia 02-12”, ZKM | Media Museum Inkarlsruhe, Germany (2013), “Experimental Film and Video Art Festival” in Nanjing, China (2012), “Cologne International Videoart Festival” in National Centre for Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg (2011) & Arad Art Museum, Romina (2011), “No Soul For Sales” in Tate Modern, London (2010), “Move On Asia” in Casa Asia, Barcelona (2009), his works have traveled to major cities, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Saint Petersberg, São Paulo, Seoul, Taipei, Vienna etc. His passion also goes into two-dimensional and spatial exhibition design, he is currently working as a Creative Director at the November Seventh. (n7 communication.)