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“Urban Nomadism” 2017 Hangzhou Liangzhu Big Roof Motive Picture Exhibition “都市游牧”2017杭州良渚大屋頂國際動態影像展

“Urban Nomadism” 2017 Hangzhou Liangzhu Big Roof Motive Picture Exhibition“都市游牧”2017杭州良渚大屋頂國際動態影像展


Videotage will participate in “Urban Nomadism” 2017 Hangzhou Liangzhu Big Roof Motive Picture Exhibition from 9th Dec, 2017 to 9th Jan, 2017, and the Chairman of Videotage, Isaac Leung curates Plate 2: Remapping Hong Kong, all works are selected from Videotage Media Art Collection (VMAC). Isaac Leung will be the guest in the forum from 16:30 to 17:30, 9th December (Saturday), 2017.

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Exhibition Location: Liangzhu Culture and Art Center, Liangzhu Culture Village, Yu Hang District, Hangzhou

Duration: December 9th, 2017 — January 9th, 2018

Opening: 15:00, December 9th (Saturday), 2017

Forum: 16:30 – 17:30, December 9th(Saturday), 2017

Forum Guests: Torsten Zenas Burns/U.S.A., Alessandro Rolandi Li Shan/Italy, Ariuntugs Tserenpil/Mongolia, Chun-Yi Chang/Taiwan, Ng Fong Chao, Noah/Macau, Isaac Leung/ Hong Kong, Da Ha/ Founder of Mongolia Contemporary Art Museum


Recycling Cinema (1999), Ellen Pau

Read Only Memory (1999), Jo Law

Move (2011), Choi Sai Ho

Non Place ▪ Other Space (2009), Linda Lai

Lowest to Lower (1999), Chan Chui Hing Nose

PRD Report (2003), MAP Office

The Doors (2008), Cheng Chilai Howard

Plus-Minus-Zero (2010), Morgan Wong

A Video Sketch Made in a Gentleman’s Room on the 8th Floor of the Former GSD Building (2000),  Jamsen Law

SUCK/BLOW (2001), Leung Chi Wo

Silver City (1999), Fung Wai

When The Door Opens (2008), Silas Fong

Shift (2006), Jay Forster

One Sound of the Histories (2015), Isaac Chong Wai