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VMAC Forum - Preservation and Extended Reality VMAC Forum - 作品保存與延展實境

VMAC Forum - Preservation and Extended RealityVMAC Forum - 作品保存與延展實境

International Symposium

In this VMAC Forum, Project Leader of Save Media Art at Taiwan Digital Art Foundation and media art conservator Yuhsien Chen Joyce, and creator-researcher Eugenia S. Kim share about preservation of artwork in Extended Reality (“XR”, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality).

本次VMAC Forum中,台灣科技藝術典藏基礎計畫主持人與時基媒體保存維護師陳禹先和跨介別創作者與研究者Eugenia S. Kim,分享有關保存延展實境(簡稱「XR」,包括虛擬實境VR、擴增實境AR與混合實境MR)作品的項目。

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Over the last three VMAC Forums, we have discussed the thrilling potential of the Extended Reality (XR, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality), such as its narrativity, spatiality, uses to promote mental health, etc. It is time for us to look into another facet – preservation.

In the fourth and last VMAC Forum and the last one under this theme, Project Leader of Save Media Art at Taiwan Digital Art Foundation and time-based media art conservator Yuhsien Chen Joyce and transdisciplinary creator and researcher Eugenia S. Kim share preservation in Extended Reality. How can we converse XR artworks? How does the media help to preserve something previously intangible such as movement or performance?

Date: 28/1/2022 (Fri)
Time: 5:00pm (HKT)
Yuhsien Chen Joyce – Time-based media art conservator
Eugenia S. Kim – Transdisciplinary creator and researcher
Angel Leung – Programs Manager of Videotage

Yuhsien Chen Joyce ​​

Joyce Chen, cat and video game lover, is the director of the “Save Media Art” project established by Taiwan Digital Art Foundation, and a researcher and Media Art Conservator based in Taiwan. Chen’s conservation practices mostly focus on the dynamics between western philosophy and Taiwan culture. She worked in M+, Hong Kong, as an associate conservator of digital and media art. She has recently received the Fulbright Scholar award to conduct research at the MoMA Archives and the Rhizome Archives.

Eugenia S. Kim

Eugenia S. Kim is a Korean-American transdisciplinary creator and researcher who uses movement and multimedia technology to create narratives and visualizations. Her doctoral research proposed the use of dance and somatic movement practices, motion capture and virtual reality (VR) for creating illness narratives about bipolar disorder. From 2001-2017, she mainly created and performed in live dance works for the stage before switching her focus to motion capture, VR, and the metaverse. She was also a digital archivist/humanist/librarian from 2011-2016 with a focus on digital dance preservation. Most recently she has started to investigate the impact of machine learning and virtual worlds on human-machine relationships. Eugenia is affiliated with the Somatic Practices and Chronic Pain Network (SPCPN) in the UK and the Augmented Materiality Lab in HK. She holds a PhD in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong, MS in Information Science from University at Albany, and BS in Electronic Media, Arts and Communications from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


在過去三次的VMAC Forum,我們討論過延展實境(包括虛擬實境VR、擴增實境AR與混合實境MR)在敘事、空間性以及在心理健康上等應用。現在,我們是時候探索此技術另一個面向——作品保存。

來到第四次亦是最後一次以延展實境為題的VMAC Forum,台灣科技藝術典藏基礎計畫主持人與時基媒體保存維護師陳禹先和跨介別創作者與研究者Eugenia S. Kim,將分享有關保存和延展實境的項目。我們如何保存延展實境的作品?這個媒介又如何幫助保存一些過往難以捕捉的內容,例如動作和演出?

日期 : 28/1/2022 (五)
時間 : 5:00pm (HKT)
陳禹先 – 時基媒體保存維護師
Eugenia S. Kim – 跨界別創作者與研究者
梁安琦 – 錄映太奇節目經理



Eugenia S. Kim

Eugenia S. Kim (金尚美)為韓裔美國跨界別創作者與研究者,透過律動和多媒體科技創造敘事和視覺。她的博士研究提出運用舞蹈與身心動作練習以及動作捕足與虛擬實境,創造有關躁鬱症的疾病敘事。 她在轉向鑽研動作捕足、虛擬實境及元宇宙之前,於2001至2017年主要從事現場舞蹈創作和表演。她亦曾是一名數位典藏檔案員/人文學者/圖書管理員,於2011至2016年專注於數位舞蹈作品保存。最近,她開始研究機器學習和虛擬世界對人類機器關係的影響。Eugenia 為英國Somatic Practices and Chronic Pain Network (SPCPN)和香港Augmented Materiality Lab的成員,是香港城市大學創意媒體博士、紐約州立大學奧爾巴尼分校資訊科學碩士、倫斯勒理工學院電子媒體、藝術及傳意學士。