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VMAC Forum:  WASD - Video games as alternative narratives VMAC論壇:上下左右 —— 電子遊戲作為敍事的新出口

VMAC Forum: WASD - Video games as alternative narrativesVMAC論壇:上下左右 —— 電子遊戲作為敍事的新出口


In 2011, US  YouTuber duo Smosh released the video “Pokémon in Real Life”, a parody of Japanese role-playing games, bantering about the differences between games and real life and its unnatural behaviors. The video reveals the protagonist(player)-centered worldview of video games: the monotonous dialogue and movement of NPCs, repetitive sprites, textures, and graphics, while missions are played out by players in “free will”……Under a video/film narrative, the norms of video games become fragmented, incoherent and absurdly humorous at the same time.

Nonetheless, video games have their own ways of narration that are different from other media. What if contemporary artists intervene and re-interpret them? VMAC Forum is proud to invite Hong Kong artists Ip Yuk-yiu and Hui Wai-keung to share their thoughts and experiences on game art. Of norms and tropes we are so familiar within video games, what would become the new envisions in the lenses of video art?

The talk will be held in Cantonese. 

2011年,美國YouTuber組合Smosh推出了短片《Pokémon in Real Life》,內容以戲仿日式角色扮演遊戲為主軸,戲謔電子遊戲與現實生活之間差異和不自然行為。短片揭示了電子遊戲皆以主角(玩家)為中心的世界觀,NPC(Non-Player Character,非操控角色)千篇一律的對白和動作,重覆出現的圖像素材,由玩家自行決定的任務內容⋯⋯於遊戲設計中合理的說故事方式在與影片敍事的衝擊之中變得零碎、不連貫,以風趣方式突顯了電子遊戲叙事的獨特性。



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日期 Date: 12/12/2023 (二  Tue)

時間 Time: 5:00pm (HKT)

地點 Venue: Zoom via link

*請預先登記,謝謝 RSVP is required*

語言 Language: 廣東話 Cantonese

主持 Moderator: 鍾詠珊 Chung Wing Shan

講者 Speaker: 許維強 Hui Wai-keung,葉旭耀 Ip Yuk Yiu

費用全免 Free Event

資助 Supported by: 香港藝術發展局 Hong Kong Arts Development Council*


Videotage is financially supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Hong Kong Arts Development Council supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.


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