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VMAC Forum - VR’s Spatiality and Visuality VMAC Forum - 虛擬實境的空間性與視覺性

VMAC Forum - VR’s Spatiality and VisualityVMAC Forum - 虛擬實境的空間性與視覺性


Over the last few years, virtual reality (VR) has significantly developed in different domains. The Covid-19 pandemic has catalysed its usages to present space and visuals even though we cannot be there physically. While many of the VR applications are sheer practical, how does the technology create spatial and visual experiences for art?

In ‘VMAC Forum: VR’s Spatiality and Visuality’, creators of VR dance project SWIM 0.5 Carrol Ho, Dylan Kwok, and Ivy Tsui and architect Kristof Crolla will share their developing projects on applying VR in giving a unique experience of space and sight.

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在「VMAC Forum:虛擬實境的空間性與視覺性」內,VR舞蹈錄像《SWIM 0.5》的創作者Carrol Ho、郭達麟、徐奕婕,以及建築師高仕棠,將分享他們如何以VR創造獨特之空間與視覺體驗。


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Date: 16/06/2021 (Wed)
Time: 4:00pm (HKT)
– Kristof Crolla (Architect, Hong Kong)
– Carrol Ho (Performing Art Producer, Hong Kong)
– Dylan Kwok (Designer and Maker, Hong Kong)
– Ivy Tsui (Independent Choreographer, Hong Kong)
Moderator: Angel Leung (Videotage, Hong Kong)

Kristof Crolla 

A/Prof. Dr. Ir. Arch. Kristof Crolla is a Belgian architect who combines his architecture practice Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd. (LEAD) with an Associate Professorship at the University of Hong Kong. After graduating Magna Cum Laude as Civil Architectural Engineer from Ghent University in 2003, he practiced in Belgium at Bureau Buildings & Techniques and designed his first built project, House for an Artist. He moved to London in 2005 where he trained and taught at the Architectural Association, School of Architecture (AA) and worked for many years for Zaha Hadid Architects. In 2010 he moved to Hong Kong, where his academic research and office work focuses on the strategic implementation of computation in architectural design practice. This work has been extensively exhibited internationally, including at the Venice Architecture Biennale, and led him to receive over thirty international design, research, and teaching awards, including the G-Mark (Japan), Architizer A+ (USA) Awards, the 2016 World Architectural Festival Award – Small Project of the Year 2016, and the RMIT Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Research Impact. He is best known for projects ‘Golden Moon (Hong Kong, 2012)’, ‘ZCB Bamboo Pavilion (Hong Kong, 2015)’, and ‘YEZO (Japan, 2020)’.

Carrol Ho

Hong Kong-based independent producer, Carrol believes in the power of synergy.

Since her graduation from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2009 with a major in Chinese dance performance and minor in dance education, Carrol has been working as an arts administrator and manager in festivals and dance companies, such as the Festivals Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Government of the HKSAR and the City Contemporary Dance Company.

Since 2014, she became an independent producer, producing dance performances for independent choreographers, coordinating events for festivals in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Vienna and Edinburgh, touring dance productions in Montreal, London, Tallinn, Stockholm, Yokohama, Beijing, Taiwan and Brisbane, as well as producing dance film, publication and curating new art projects.

She keeps active between Europe and Asia on touring, producing new dance projects and coordinating festivals in recent years after she has obtained her master degree in Culture, Policy and Management from the City, University of London.

Dylan Kwok

Dylan Kwok is a designer, maker and communicator. He has lived in Hong Kong, Canada and Finland. This multi-cultural background has developed his passion in designing for public space. Pragmatic yet playful, he strives to create designs that are welcoming to users, while instilling joy in our everyday environment. His portfolio of projects included transforming park benches, trams, podium garden, community kitchen, back alleys, and the Harbour Area in Helsinki, Finland. He is particularly inspired by Laozi’s Tao(道) and Qi(器)concept, as well as the Nordic socialism and minimalistic design. He enjoys communicating with the public to understand their perspectives on urban problems, and using his solid construction knowledge to make designs that serve the needs of the wider audience. An avid lover of Sci-Fi, philosophy, and dark chocolates. One of his proudest achievements in life is quitting completely from alcohol. Dylan graduated at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (TAIK) with the best Master’s thesis award. He received the Hong Kong Young Design Talent title in 2009, and the Certificate of Commendation from Home Affairs Bureau.

Ivy Tsui

Ivy Tsui received an Award for Young Artist (Dance) at the 2015 Hong Kong Arts Development Awards. Her choreographic works include the Hong Kong Arts Festival and Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department commissions Water Lilies, Morning Glory, Dehydrated Flower, Frangipani, an oral series about the energy of life.

In 2018, Tsui’s biographical piece QuanQuan (2012), which she has performed in Estonia, Sweden and Canada, was recognised as Pick of the Fringe at the Stockholm Fringe Awards. In the same year, her durational happening Used to Mud? (2017) was presented at the Southbank Centre, London as part of the China Changing Festival. In addition to taking part in Creative Meeting Point on the invitation of the West Kowloon Cultural District, Tsui has also taken part in a number of exchange programmes and research laboratories.

Ivy Tsui believes that everyone has an innate ability to dance. By embracing the beauty of diversity and sharing stories in everyday settings, she aspires to use movement and dance to explore life and connect with the community.

日期 : 16/06/2021 (三)
時間 : 4:00 pm (HKT)
– 高仕棠(建築師,香港)
– Carrol Ho(表演藝術製作人,香港)
– 郭達麟(設師者及創作人,香港)
– 徐奕婕(獨立編舞家,香港)


比利時籍建築師高仕棠(Kristof Crolla)是Laboratory for Explorative Architecture&Design(LEAD)合伙人及香港大學助理教授。他於2013年在根特大學修讀土木建築工程,畢業後在比利時執業,及後於2005年移居倫敦並修讀倫敦建築聯盟學院(AA)的碩士課程。高仕棠曾於Zaha Hadid建築事務所工作擔任主建築師並工作了數年,同時於AA及世界各地其他學院任教。高仕棠於2010年搬至香港,主要研究為電腦程式在建築設計的策略性應用。他的實踐獲得了眾多設計獎項和榮譽,包括在威尼斯建築雙年展展出。獲逾30個國際設計、研究、教學獎項,包括日本G-mark優良設計大獎、美國Architizer A+ Awards、2016年世界建築節「年度小型項目」獎以及墨爾本皇家理工大學副校長研究獎。他以作品《萬燈喜月》(香港,2012)、《竹亭》(香港,2015)、《YEZO》(日本,2020)而聞名。

Carrol Ho



郭達麟熱愛設計、溝通及動手創作。他曾於香港、加拿大及芬蘭生活。多年的跨文化洗禮造就了他對公共空間設計的興趣。他熱衷於以務實的手法,創造出既親民、又具玩味的設計。他曾改構公園櫈、電車、平台花園、社區廚房、後巷,甚至芬蘭海港城區等不同類型的空間元素。 他的設計及空間概念特別受到老子的「道與器」、以及北歐的社會主義和簡約設計所啟發。他享受與公眾溝通,了解他們對各項城市問題的看法,並利用其紮實的建造知識,設計出能惠及大眾的作品。他情迷科幻片、哲學和朱古力。完全戒掉酒精是他人生其中一項最感自豪的成就。Dylan畢業於芬蘭赫爾辛基藝術與設計大學 (University of Art and Design) ,並獲頒最佳碩士論文大獎。他於2009年獲得香港創意智優青年設計才俊獎,以及2019年民政事務局局長嘉許殊榮。


徐奕婕相信舞蹈是每個人與生俱來的能力 。她期望以動作和舞蹈來探索生活,連結社區, 在日常生活中分享故事,擁抱多元化的美態 。 她分別於愛沙尼亞、瑞典和加拿大的咖啡店、書店、圖書館,演出2012年的自傳作品《圈圈》,並於2018年列入瑞典斯德哥爾摩藝穗節的「藝穗節 之選」。同年,她參與於倫敦舉行的中國變奏藝術節,於南岸中心演出2017年的作品《習慣了習慣》。 她是2015年香港藝術發展獎藝術新秀獎(舞蹈)的得主。她曾受香港藝術節及康樂及文化事務署委約創作系列作品,包括《睡蓮》、《牽牛花》、《乾花》及《雞蛋花》,以花為題探討生命的活力 。 徐奕婕除了參與西九文化區舉辦的國際創意交流計劃外,亦參與多個交流計劃及共創實驗 。