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What is Contemporary? 咩係當代
What is Contemporary? 咩係當代

What is Contemporary?咩係當代

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Founded in 2010, Sofoolbid’s auction fine arts, wine, and offer properties in a wide variety of collecting categories, to public from all walks of lives. In order to bring the pleasure of art and its related events to everyone, no matter rich or poor. With the founding of Sofoolbid’s Auction, people may enjoy the auction, buy and sell in the art market with a few hundred Hong Kong dollars, or even less.
Sofoolbid’s held its own Contemporary Art Fair, joined the Affordable Art Basel etc. Trying to broaden peoples’ views on art and open related discussion through different events and channels.
In the recent years, Sofoolbid’s Channel is established, for building up a platform with wider coverage, to fulfill its vision. There is Sofoolbid’s Facebook and Youtube channel, also its own website.

而Sofoolbid’s也有舉辦當代藝術展售會,以及參與Affordable Art Basel等活動。希望透過不同藝術有關的活動,與大眾有更多機會接觸和交流,跟社會不同人士討論和探討藝術。

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Thomas Yuen’s creative works are often sparked off by inspirations from slices of life, extending to the spiritual and behavioral responses to social phenomena. Thomas started off creating sketches, but creative media themselves alone are no longer the focus of Thomas’s creative pursuits in recent years. Through each different creative experience, he sheds light on various concerns in a variety of creative forms. Amidst the diversity there is however a core – things about ‘human being’.

Creative art is his way of experiencing, savoring and reflecting upon life, his way to stretch thinking time to allow for more insight.


All copyright reserved by the artist. 作品版權歸藝術家所有。
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