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Re: Membrance
Re: Membrance
Re: Membrance
B&W & Color
Single-channel Video
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A video inspired by “Cities of the Dead” by Italo Caluino, about remembrance, memory, and one’s journey. ReMembrance is ‘re’ (about) the very act of ‘re’ (again & about) as I drifted in the city (mainly by ‘ding ding’ – colloquial Cantonese for ‘tram’) and re-called the past. “”That day, I Re-Turned to Hong Kong from the US …. In this city, I drifted all the way from memories and Re-Collections to Re-Flections …”” Words from the work are from Italo Calvino, Jean Paul Sartre and Kevin Lynch, and from my journal entries. They are compiled into a poem to mourn a lost friend. It is an impression of loss, alienation and dislocation in the space and time of the cityscape. Filmed before the outbreak of the SARS in the early months of 2003, post-produced throughout the SARS ‘attack’ over the S.A.R., ReMembrance is dedicated to all those whose perseverance stands against sickness, depression, desperation and death. Winner of ‘The Best Experimental Award’ in the 6th NYU International Students Film Festival (6th NYU ISFF) (25-31 Oct, 2003).

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Caroline HU received her BA degree (First Honors) majoring in Comparative Literature in the University of Hong Kong. She became an English language teacher in a secondary school. At a particular moment amidst her everyday monotonous schedule of teaching, correcting compositions, class preparation and school administrative work, she suddenly recalled her love for films as she looked at her movie tapes and discs collection at home, untouched for quite a period of time and her previous frantic admiration in literary and art appreciation. She boldly applied for the MFA programme offered by School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong despite her non-hands-on background.


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