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Cyber 0 賽博零
Cyber 0 賽博零
Cyber 0 賽博零

Cyber 0賽博零

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Cyber 0 is the first experimental short film produced by CATTIN TSAI in 2019. The content is based on some thoughts about “reincarnation”, “dream” and “peace” in the post-truth era.

Cyber 0 是 2019年CATTIN TSAI 製作的第一部實驗性短片。 內容是基於後真相時代有關於“輪迴”“夢境”“和平”的一些思考。

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CATTIN TSAI, exploring diverse realms like digital art, installations, imagery, and gaming, draws deep creative inspiration from plants and marine life. Proficient at merging pan-biological art with commercial elements in her mind, she created the virtual character INFNI+, featured as a guest editor on VOGUE’s cover. Preferring not to describe her creations with language, her recent works have been showcased in cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Venice, gaining recognition in subcultures and music scenes. In 2022, she held solo exhibitions titled “Who Says Reality Isn’t Illusory” and “0X0.” In 2023, she achieved recognition as a VOGUE FORCE OF FASHION DIGITAL FINALIST.


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