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Cattin TSAI 蔡琪玟

Cattin TSAI蔡琪玟

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CATTIN TSAI, exploring diverse realms like digital art, installations, imagery, and gaming, draws deep creative inspiration from plants and marine life. Proficient at merging pan-biological art with commercial elements in her mind, she created the virtual character INFNI+, featured as a guest editor on VOGUE’s cover. Preferring not to describe her creations with language, her recent works have been showcased in cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Venice, gaining recognition in subcultures and music scenes. In 2022, she held solo exhibitions titled “Who Says Reality Isn’t Illusory” and “0X0.” In 2023, she achieved recognition as a VOGUE FORCE OF FASHION DIGITAL FINALIST.

CATTIN TSAI蔡琪玟,橫跨數位藝術、裝置、影像、遊戲等多元領域,因對未知的好奇,始終無法停止探索,對於本我的探知也逐漸上升。 以植物和海洋生物為深邃的創作靈感來源。
擅長將腦海裡的泛生物藝術與商業揉碎並重構 創作的虛擬人物INFNI+作為VOGUE的客座編輯刊登於封面。 不喜歡用語言來描述自己的作品 。 近年來,她的作品在上海、香港、威尼斯等城市展現, 曾在次文化和音樂演藝場景中嶄露頭角。
2022年舉辦三 個展「誰說真實未必虛幻」,「0X0」個展等。 2023年,成為VOGUE FORCE OF FASHION DIGITAL FINALIST

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