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Leave Your Body: Virtual Cattle Depot Residency on Minecraft 神遊虛擬駐場計劃:牛棚在 Minecraft

Leave Your Body: Virtual Cattle Depot Residency on Minecraft神遊虛擬駐場計劃:牛棚在 Minecraft

Artist Residency
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Videotage is excited to launch our first digital residency program Leave Your Body: Virtual Cattle Depot Residency on Minecraft, starting this September 2020. Four artists and art professionals across the contemporary art landscape in Hong Kong, including Cosmin CostinasFrog KingPeter Nelson and Mak Ying Tung 2, are invited to leave their mark in the virtual site of Cattle Depot Artist Village on Minecraft.

Recreated in one-to-one scale in the sandbox game Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, the slaughterhouse-turned heritage site becomes a gaming platform for the participants to explore, play and create in their week-long residency. At the end of the residency, each participant engages in a site-inspired, site-specific creative process to build in the virtual site inherited from their predecessor, all the while interacting in a deep dive conversation with Videotage’s host Kyle Chung, which will be documented and distributed on social media platforms. Starting from late September, the site-specific creative process and conversations will be distributed on Videotage’s social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram.

推出首個數碼駐場計劃Leave Your Body: Virtual Cattle Depot Residency on Minecraft, 並邀請四位香港當代藝術家及藝術專業人士,包括Cosmin Costinas蛙王(郭孟浩)麥影彤二Peter Nelson, 於9月期間在牛棚藝術村的Minecraft世界共同創作。

曾為牲畜屠房的歷史建築,在任天堂Switch的開放式沙盒類遊戲Minecraft中,被重新創造成一比一等比例的遊戲平台。參加者將於一星期長的駐場時間內,在這個牛棚藝術村探索、遊戲和創作。每位參加者會繼承上一位玩家的成果,在虛擬世界裏進行場域特定的創作,過程中亦會與駐場計劃的主持鍾亦琪深度對談。錄映太奇從9月底開始,會在社交媒體平台,包括Facebook和 Instagram,發佈場域特定的創意體驗和對談內容。

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Date: September – October 2020
Curator/Host: Kyle Chung
Round one participants: Cosmin Costinas, Frog King, Peter Nelson, Mak Ying Tung 2

日期: 2020年9月至10月
策展人/主持: 鍾亦琪
第一期參加者: Cosmin Costinas, 蛙王(郭孟浩), Peter Nelson, 麥影彤二

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