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Leave Your Body Virtual Residency: Gary Woodley@SPARK 2021 神遊虛擬駐留計劃:Gary Woodley @ SPARK 2021

Leave Your Body Virtual Residency: Gary [email protected] 2021神遊虛擬駐留計劃:Gary Woodley @ SPARK 2021

Artist Talk
Artist Residency
20/10/2021 - 23/10/2021

Following the success of virtual Cattle Depot artist residency in the previous editions, the Minecraft platform Leave Your Body continues to weave a variety of culturally significant urban spaces together for artistic expressions in the virtual realm. In this London-Hong Kong edition, Artist Gary Woodley is invited to explore with Curator Kyle Chung the creative potential of two low-income neighbourhoods, Alexandra Road Estate (London) and To Kwa Wan (HK). Reconstructed in one-to-one scale in the virtual world of Minecraft, the societal conditions embedded in the architectural attributes of these sites are reflected and interconnected through Woodley’s signature site-specific installation art.

The newly commissioned artwork is accessible on the Videotage Minecraft platform, along with creative interventions by other artists in the previous editions. The Minecraft world is also available for viewing in 360 virtual reality at the Videotage’s gallery in Cattle Depot Artist Village during the SPARK Festival.

由虛擬牛棚藝術村為起點,「神遊虛擬駐留計劃」將繼續連結不同的重要都市文化空間,於虛擬國度藉著藝術對話。這次「神遊虛擬駐留計劃」將以倫敦和香港為背景,藝術家Gary Woodley將與策展人鍾亦琪合作,探索兩個城市的低收入社區——亞歷山大路莊園(倫敦)與土瓜灣(香港)。透過以一比一比例於Minecraft重塑虛擬空間,以建築反映兩個社區的生活狀況,同時透過Woodley標誌式的場域特定裝置藝術創作把兩地連繫起來。


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Date: 20-23/10/2021
Venue: Videotage Minecraft Platform, Videotage Gallery

日期 : 20-23/10/2021

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