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Leave Your Body: Taipei Contemporary Art Center 神遊虛擬駐場計劃:台北當代藝術中心

Leave Your Body: Taipei Contemporary Art Center神遊虛擬駐場計劃:台北當代藝術中心

Artist Residency

Here is Just Right is an online collaboration between Videotage in Hong Kong and Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC). In February 2021, TCAC announced the closure of its space and the dissolution of its association by member vote. Before the official disbanding of the association, TCAC invites the audience to explore the space of Minecraft, based on the premises in Baoan Street, where TCAC was located for the longest in its lifespan.

Because of COVID-19, the movement of our bodies in physical space is restricted. How do art spaces react to these conditions of the pandemic? How can we mobilise the online space as an extension of the art space? Have we still not realized that we are hamsters on an over-accelerated running wheel? Here is Just Right acts as an experimental site and a space for rest. It is a transient state that could suggest the oncoming ‘new normal’.

Leave Your Body Concept Created by: Kyle Chung
Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

《在這裡剛剛好》是香港錄映太奇(Videotage)與台北當代藝術中心(Taipei Contemporary Art Center,TCAC)共同合作的線上項目。台北當代藝術中心於 2021年依據會員大會投票結果解散,在實體空間結束營運與協會正式解散的期間內,我們將邀請觀眾在 Minecraft 的世界裡自由探索以 TCAC 所在最久的保安街空間為藍本的世界。



「魂遊虛擬駐場計劃 」概念:鍾亦琪

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Leave Your Body: Here is Just Right by Taipei Contemporary Art Center
Date: from 1/9/2021
Venue: Leave Your Body realm on Minecraft

日期:1/9/2021 起
地點:Leave Your Body realm on Minecraft