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Clockenflap 2018 Neuromancer - 錄像藝術節目 @ Clockenflap 2018

Clockenflap 2018Neuromancer - 錄像藝術節目 @ Clockenflap 2018

09/11/2018 - 11/11/2018

This year at Clockenflap, Videotage is presenting a selection of dynamic, vivid yet diverse video artworks for the festivalgoers. Neuromancer is showing six exciting video works, showcasing the ability and creativity of the new generation in the video art scene.

The lineup consists of a great variety of genres, themes, and styles. It includes animation-based works – “Dragon’s Delusion Era” by Kongkee, LEE Kwok-wai, TSUI Ka-hei & Choi Sai Ho and “Trailer for GOODBYE UTOPIA” by Ding Shiwei, VR-inspired works –  “2065” and “Bonus Levels – Chapter 2: Delirious New Wick – Walkthrough” by Lawrence Lek, and live-action –  “JOSS” by item idem.

The screening will also include “GIFLRRLMs” – a medley of the gif animations from Videotage’s .gif Festival “Left Right Right Left Movement”, composed of the works by Terence Baier, Ian Ian Robert Ballantyne, Suze Chan, Chen Hangfeng, Ziki Cheung, Alice Duranti, Derederek Lam, KUNT_ARCH, PET_CORP (Ailadi, Bill), and Wong Kei Ying.

This year, a board range of acclaimed young artists, local and international, will demonstrate their bold and edge-cutting imagination with powerful visuals.

錄映太奇將於Clockenflap 2018 為音樂節狂熱者呈獻 Neuromancer(神經漫遊者),帶來一系列分別由本地及國際上新一代錄像藝術家,以不同類型、主題及風格充滿動力的六件錄像藝術作品,透過強勁的影像呈現年輕藝術家大膽及尖銳的想像。

其中包括由本地藝術家江記李國威崔嘉曦,聯同音樂人蔡世豪創作的動畫作品《離幻時代》、中國藝術家丁世偉的動畫製作《再見烏托邦》預告、陸明龍啟發自虛擬現實技術(VR)的 “Bonus Levels – Chapter 2: Delirious New Wick – Walkthrough”  “2065”、法籍藝術家item idem充滿張力的錄影作品 “JOSS”,以及由錄映太奇《.gif 節 左右右左移動》公開徵集的藝術家 Terence Baier, Ian Ian Robert Ballantyne, Suze Chan, Chen Hengfeng, Ziki Cheung, Alice Duranti, Derekderek LaM, KUNT_ARCH, PET_CORPWong Kei Ying 聯合創作的《左右右左移動》動態影像系列。

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Neuromancer – Video Art Programme @ Clockenflap 2018

Date: 9-11.11.2018

Venue: Central Harbourfront Event Space

Participating Artists: Alice Duranti, Chen Hangfeng, Derederek Lam, Ian Robert Ballantyne, KUNT_ARCH, PET.CORP, Suze Chan, Terence Baier, Wong Kei Ying, Ziki Cheung, Lawrence Lek, Kongkee, Lee Kwok Wai, Tsui Ka Hei, Choi Sai Ho, Cheng Ran, Item Idem, Ding Shiwei

Curator: Isaac Leung

Assistant curators: David Chan, Joseph Chen, Angel Leung, and Kelvin Yiu

Neuromancer – 錄像藝術節目 @ Clockenflap 2018



參與藝術家:AliceDuranti、陳航峰、Derederek Lam、Ian Robert Ballantyne、穴建築、PET.CORP、陳凌欣、Terence Baier、Wong Kei Ying、Ziki Cheung、陸明龍、江記、李國威、崔嘉曦、蔡世豪、程然、Item Idem、丁世偉