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Vent-Hole 無孔不出


B&W & Color
Single-channel Video
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Because of the holes, gaps left unfilled at unknown times and places, those trivial objects got a chance to be revealed. The artist begins with the surroundings, trying to explore relationships between “packages”, “holes” and “strange objects”.


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Biyi Zhu (1988) is a Chinese born, Amsterdam based filmmaker, visual investigator and interdisciplinary designer. Shegraduated from the School of Art Multimedia Design at the University of the Macao Polytechnic Institute. In 2017, she completed her academic studies in the master’s program Design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Her interest lies in time-based media, with which she tries to organise a visual language by combining documentaries and her video art. Her research methods are based on a performative camera device that engages with bodies and objects travelling in space. In her artistic practice, she’s always interested in movement, identity and the relationship between the individual’s state and changes in a political environment. She seeks to establish a visual way of thinking to connect with her political and metaphorical thoughts.

Biyi works on self-initiated projects and is in commission for cultural institutions, festivals and design studios, whichhave been exhibited in China, Netherlands and Germany.

She has been a grantee by the Amsterdam Font voor Kunst and developed a self-portrayed documentary film – ZokejaarA Year of Searching about how non-EU high educated graduates explore their struggles and dilemmas of finding a way through the Dutch landscape in hopes of resulting in a residency stay.

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