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Voices in a crowd stir violent emotions and microaggressions bring up past traumas. Then a turning shifts the emotional landscape…
Turning is a short animation about the impact of homo- bi- and transphobia on young people, and how support and community can help us grow. The film was developed together with LGBTQ+ young people at Gendered Intelligence. We discussed the themes of the film, looking at what feelings arose and thinking about how sound and moving image could communicate these. After developing the direction with them, the film was made experimentally, starting with a poem and three sections: Fear, Isolation and Connection. I wanted to communicate the feelings that arise when we experience hate crime, but also the ways that being seen and supported by a community gives us the strength to face those daily aggressions. I drew freely, and together Simji and I discussed and experimented with how to bring the drawings to life. Bringing in snippets of found footage and animation from both Simji’s and my own previous projects, the final film started to come together. The film was commissioned by GALOP, Gendered Intelligence, and Suzy Lamplugh Trust.
Director, Script, and Production: Linnéa Haviland
Animation: Linnéa Haviland, Simji Park
Sound Design: Russell John

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Linnéa is an illustrator and animator from Stockholm, now based in London where she works as an illustrator for a sexual health service. Her personal work focuses on the politics of representation and how this linksto identity and identity formation. She loves working collaboratively with experimental, multimedia approaches to making. She is passionate about images’ ability to touch emotions and how colour, sounds, texture and movement communicate covertly. When not making films Linnéa can be found watching bad reality TV and dreaming about owning a cat.
Linnéa’s films have been shown at exhibitions and film festivals nationally and internationally, including Gerald Moore Gallery, Tricky Women, Hiroshima Intl Animation Festival, and ZINEBI.

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