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The Cinema of Walking: Airship 步行電影院:飛翔的氣球
The Cinema of Walking: Airship 步行電影院:飛翔的氣球

The Cinema of Walking: Airship步行電影院:飛翔的氣球

Single-channel Video
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In February 2020, Lau began shooting in Kyoto, recording people crossing the Kamogawa River by the stepping stones. To capture this, Lau positioned herself in the middle of the Nijo Bridge and pointed her camera north towards the stepping stones. She began shooting whenever someone stepped along the slope to the stones and stopped when they had left the frame. Lau recorded for four hours each day, capturing a total of 100 people crossing the Kamogawa River.


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Born in Hong Kong in 1991, Jess gained her BA (Honours) in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong in 2014. Jess’ work applies themes such as narrative fragments, body memory and focus on iterative manual processes and the aggregation of time. Jess’ work involves a wide range of media – videos, animation, installation – it explores the uniqueness and the malleability of each different medium, for example, outlining the fiction and reality with stop-motion animation. Her iconic works are created through the accumulation of labour and time. The material is constantly reorganised, shaped and dismantled in the world of video, connecting and extending with the memory and imagination of the city as well as the individual self. At the same time, her works aim to break the cold impression of media art, to portray the temperature of people, the traces left by her body, and to emphasise the process of creation and imaging. 

Jess’ artworks have been exhibited and screened internationally in: Ars Electronica, Austria, Animatou – International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland, Image Forum Festival 2022, Japan, Two Temple Place, London, IFVA Media Art Festival, Hong Kong, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong, West Kowloon FreeSpace, Hong Kong and etc. Jess was the selected artist of Tai Kwun Contemporary Artists’ Studio Residency 2020 and awarded the Nanying Prize from Taiwan 2022. 


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