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Return (The Sandwich Man) 回魂記(兒子的大玩偶)

Return (The Sandwich Man)回魂記(兒子的大玩偶)

Three-channel video
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“ I realized these histories, which I have never experienced, have marked their traces in my memories in the form of movies and have transformed into my nostalgia.’’

‘’Cinematic writing’’ is the main expression mean of residency artist Shake’s works. In the project Return, she used the unique historical landscape in the Treasure Hill as the backgrounds and tried to reconstruct the roles Eastern Depot Tsao from Dragon Inn, adopted daughter Hsiao-Yue from Beautiful Duckling and joker Kun-Shu from The Sandwich Man. Through sorting the contextual research of these films, she went through the political ideology that Taiwanese society experienced, as well as the social and cultural overviews. And further, she used cultural elements from different eras to reinterpret these three diverse film characters, as to examine how these roles were being made in that particular ear, and how that could be continued in the resent time.



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Shake received a DNSEP degree from l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Paris-Cergy, and later obtained a MFA degree in plastic arts at Paris 8 university.

Experimental moving images and film installation are Shake’s main medium, she exploits cinematic writing as the methodology to experiment the moving image narrative. She focuses on the relationship between the fact and the fiction in the narration and the representation of History. Her works often feature multiple discussions: the studies of variety historical documents concerning Asian geopolitic, folklore, myth and pop culture; the experiment on film language, semiotic thus its institutional mode of representation; and the construction and the interpretation of collective/personal memories. These studies are presented in a kind of mutual involvement and mutual expression, which makes her works have a qualitative characteristic of becoming between fiction and non-fiction, reflecting how the personal history could be constructed under the state power, education, culture and globalization order. Shake has done multiple international artist residencies, and her works have been exhibited in Europe, Korea, Japan, the US, etc.


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