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Kingswin Oath 金運宣言
Kingswin Oath 金運宣言
Kingswin Oath 金運宣言
Kingswin Oath 金運宣言
Kingswin Oath 金運宣言

Kingswin Oath金運宣言

Single-channel Video
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The work is named after the building of the artist’s studio, Kingswin. In the form of a video daily, he disclosed his art, life, and thoughts when he was working here. The video is based on 3D scanning of the artist himself and the studio space, which is intermittent and incomplete, and combines various fragmentary images about his life. It reflects the difficulties, struggles and hopes of young artists when they treat their art as a career.

作品以藝術家的工作室 「Kingswin」 大廈為名,以日記式錄像,描寫他在此處的創作、生 活和心理。錄像以 3D 掃描的藝術家本人和工作室空間為主,斷續而不完整,交匯著各種細 碎創作圖像,反映出年輕藝術家將創作置於事業時的困難、掙扎和寄望。

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Wong Pak Hang, Samson was born in Hong Kong in 1995. He obtains his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Wong expresses himself through digital and 2D mixed media, including photography, video, painting, and installation. The content of works is related to modern life and habitation. He believes art can represent humanistic concerns, pointing outwards toward civilization, and inwards toward fundamental humanity. Recently, he was awarded WMA Sponsorship Recipient – FotoFest, the ‘2046 Fermentation + Fellowships’ by Para Site in 2022 and the ‘New Light Exhibition Scheme’ by Lumenvisum in 2020 and shortlisted for the 24th ifva Awards (Media Arts category) in 2019.


All copyright reserved by the artist. 作品版權歸藝術家所有。
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