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Getting Used to Run 習慣走
Getting Used to Run 習慣走
Getting Used to Run 習慣走

Getting Used to Run習慣走

Single-channel Video
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Run. An action of speed. An action of strength. For sometimes, it is an action of courage. Or, an action of aspiration. With different reasons, some people want to run alone when some others find it crucial to run with someone. No matter how they ran, milestones helped them make the decisions. The electronic colours and movements illustrate the emotions of the actions. Beats and sounds are calling to the audience. Run? Run!! Run…

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Jamsen Law, born and grew up in Hong Kong, Jamsen Law’s independent video works have been exhibited in festivals in Europe, Asia, North and South America, such as Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, Transmediale Berlin and Ogaki Biennale. He also had his solo screenings in Toronto, Tokyo, Busan and Hong Kong. Jamsen’s works explore the meaning of process and existence, consciousness, interiority, desire and fear through multiple artforms.

After his research on media aesthetics in Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science in Japan, he started to curate media arts-related artist-in-residence and collaborative projects. He now teaches visual arts in Hong Kong Design Institute.

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