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Art Basel Hong Kong 2022: Birds without Legs 2022巴塞爾藝展香港展會: 冇腳嘅雀仔——錄像藝術與流動性

Art Basel Hong Kong 2022: Birds without Legs2022巴塞爾藝展香港展會: 冇腳嘅雀仔——錄像藝術與流動性


Selected by the Videotage Media Art Collection, this collection of films explores how perceptions of mobility − both mental and physical − have shifted against the backdrop of global socio-cultural developments, from the groundbreaking inventions that defined the 20th century’s Futurism to travel restrictions brought on by the pandemic in the past three years. Whether it is drawing viewers’ attention to the changes in Hong Kong, delving into the motivations behind the act of running, or examining the role of social media in disseminating information, ‘Birds without Legs’ offers various interpretations of movements through the lens of moving images.

Co-Curators: Myra Chan, John Chow, Kyle Chung, Chung Wing Shan, Aaron Lam, Angel Leung


聯合策展人:陳嘉欣、周皓風、鍾亦琪 、鍾詠珊、林國鑫 、梁安琦

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Date: 27/5/2022 (Fri)
Time: 8:00pm- 9:30pm (HKT)
Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Danny Yung – Door, 1979
Mark CHAN Kam Lok – Happy Valley (waiting at T zero), 1996
Jamsen LAW – Getting Used To Run, 1997
Theodora Barat- Off Power, 2021
Chun-ling Lai – Clean up dust on body (Day two), 2018
Virtue Village – How to Migrate to a Higher Dimension, 2020
Hao Jingban – Slow Motion, 2018; Blindspot Gallery
Ellen Pau – Diversion, 1990

日期 : 27/5/2022 (五)
時間 : 8:00pm- 9:30pm (HKT)

榮念曾 – 《入門需知(一)》,1979
陳錦樂 – 《沒有人(在跑馬地)等沒有人》,1996
羅琛堡 – 《習慣走》,1997
Theodora Barat- Off Power,2021
黎振寧 – 《洗一天的塵》,2018
真善美村 – 《如何進行高維度移民》,2020
郝敬班- 《慢鏡頭》, 2018; 刺點畫廊
鮑藹倫 – 《兩頭唔到岸》, 1990