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Days of Scrolling in the Garden 瀏園印記
Days of Scrolling in the Garden 瀏園印記
Days of Scrolling in the Garden 瀏園印記

Days of Scrolling in the Garden瀏園印記

Single-channel Video
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Days of Scrolling in the Garden (2019) is a collection of moving images obtained with mechanical camera movement. The work explores the relationship between object, motion and camera as an extension of human perception.

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Wong lives and is based in Hong Kong. She received her Master of Fine Art (Creative Media)  from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University. With a background in painting, she explores and unveils the manifolds of daily encounters and inner conditions. She regards her practice as an investigation of the potentials of art beyond representation, its relation to sensation, documentation and experience. She mainly works with moving images, sound and installations.


Her works have been shown in Hong Kong and internationally; including the Singapore Art Week (2021), Hong Kong Art Basel (2021), Hong Kong International Photo Festival (2020), Hong Kong Heritage Museum (2018) and EXIS Korea (2017). She was one of the selected artists for Art-Uni-On (AUO) Artist Mentoring Program (2017) in Korea, and was awarded a scholarship from Hong Kong Art Centre to study in New York School of Visual Arts (2013).


Elaine is also the founder of Altermodernists, an independent art group that is devoted to the

documentation of artists’ creative processes and promote visual arts in Hong Kong.


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