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A Maiden’s Prayer 少女的祈禱
A Maiden’s Prayer 少女的祈禱
A Maiden’s Prayer 少女的祈禱
A Maiden’s Prayer 少女的祈禱
A Maiden’s Prayer 少女的祈禱
A Maiden’s Prayer 少女的祈禱
A Maiden’s Prayer 少女的祈禱

A Maiden’s Prayer少女的祈禱

B&W & Color
Single-channel Video
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“Those called fiction are partially documented. Those called documents also have some fictitious parts.” We made a day to visit the green lake together. In that burning afternoon. I document things for a private record, also for making up this re-jamming section of us. Fragments of over-exposed, out of focus film were produced without a purpose. Then they were seamed together by another chance. All of these probably are merely a reminder of our right of being self-indulgent.

This work was made for the memory of a friend who has passed on. Structured by his poem, with stray fragments like diary films, visitings of ruins, and semi-improv theater, fabricating a souvenir of a faraway memory. The things you should commemorate are the “memento mori” of yours. Meanwhile, in the center of thousand layers of Absolute Terror Field, a maiden is still praying. Covered by a magic circle, someone prays in a basement that no one could reach. In The Desolated Temple, in Ohtori Academy, or other imaginary communities of ours. From its garden, the garbage trunk is singing “A Maiden’s Prayer”…


這是一部為了朋友的驟世而製作的作品。以已逝詩人的詩作為主軸,使用日記電影,廢墟探訪,與即興架構的半戲劇場景為素材,由斷簡殘篇編織出遠方記憶的紀念物。該紀念的東西,都是你的memento mori。但同時,在重重AT力場的煙霧包圍中,少女還是一直在祈禱。某處,沒有人能進入的地下室,有人在祈禱。蘭若寺、鳳學園,或是其他我們用想像建構的社區中,傳來呼叫廣播,垃圾車傳來了少女的祈禱…

about the artist /

Tzu-An Wu works between experimental film and its expansions. He makes collages with analogue films, through mixing heterogeneous images, audio, and texts in an attempt to inquire about the constructs of (cinematic) narratives and the selves.

He holds an MA in Media Studies from The New School, New York, and a BA in Gender and Cultural Studies from NTHU, Taiwan. His works have been shown internationally, including BFI Flare (London), IFFR (Netherland), CROSSROADS (San Francisco), Golden Horse Film Festival (Taiwan), TIDF(Taiwan). Exhibitions include Taipei Art Awards, Taiwan Biennial, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, and Taipei Artist Village, etc. He also does programming of experimental cinema.


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