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A Comprehensive Theory 全面理論
A Comprehensive Theory 全面理論

A Comprehensive Theory全面理論

Single-channel Video
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“A Comprehensive Theory” is a 3D simulated video work originating from the question how in several languages, the word “clue”, now means a trace or piece of information that can lead to further revelation, originally referred to lines or strings. Further inspired by notions in quantum physics and cosmology, the linear form is used to explore the duality of connection and confinement, chaos and order, and parallel and entanglement.

全面理論在多種語言中,“線索”一詞都帶有對繩索形象的指涉。由此出發並結 合來自量子和宇宙的概念意向,胡芮的三維模擬影像作品《全面理論》中,以 “線索”的形象貫穿全片。其組成的各種結構,包括繩結與網絡,暗含著關聯與 束縛、混亂與秩序,平行與糾纏等雙重可能性。

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HU Rui (b.1990, China) works with 3D graphics, video, installation, game and virtual simulation technology. His practice deals with issues related to time and temporality from a multitude of perspectives, such as causation, prediction, choice, and language. He received an MFA in media arts from the University of California, Los Angeles and a BFA in film from New York University, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Practice in Media Arts at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou). He recently received the Best Experimental Animation Award at the 60th Ann Arbor Film Festival, a Jury Special Mention at the 25FPS Festival Croatia, and was a finalist of the ifva Award from the Hong Kong Arts Centre. His work has been shown in exhibitions and screenings at art spaces, institutions, and film festivals, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Ann Arbor Film Festival, ISEA, Images Festival at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Videotage Hong Kong, among others.


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