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WONG Pak Hang 黄百亨

WONG Pak Hang黄百亨

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Wong Pak Hang, Samson was born in Hong Kong in 1995. He obtains his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Wong expresses himself through digital and 2D mixed media, including photography, video, painting, and installation. The content of works is related to modern life and habitation. He believes art can represent humanistic concerns, pointing outwards toward civilization, and inwards toward fundamental humanity. Recently, he was awarded WMA Sponsorship Recipient – FotoFest, the ‘2046 Fermentation + Fellowships’ by Para Site in 2022 and the ‘New Light Exhibition Scheme’ by Lumenvisum in 2020 and shortlisted for the 24th ifva Awards (Media Arts category) in 2019.

黃百亨 1995 年生於香港,本科畢業於香港中文大學藝術系。黃創作涉及各類平面和數碼媒 介,包括攝影、錄像、繪畫和裝置等媒介,尤以數碼裝置為主,近年作品內容與現實生活和城市 環境有關,以反映人文關懷為核心,指向外在的社會文明和內在的人性。黃近年獲選 WMA Sponsorship – FotoFest、 Para Site 「2046醖釀獎助金」 ( 2022 )、光影作坊「New Light – ⻘年攝影創作系列」舉辦個人展覽 ( 2020 ),更入圍第二十四屆 ifva 獨立短片及影像 媒體比賽媒體藝組 ( 2019 )。