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PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS ART FESTIVAL 2013 Hong Kong 巴比齋魯之夜北歐藝術節(香港)

PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS ART FESTIVAL 2013 Hong Kong巴比齋魯之夜北歐藝術節(香港)

Art Festival
Artist Talk
05/04/2013 - 18/04/2013

PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS ART FESTIVAL is an International Contemporary Art Festival (Experimental Film and Video Art in connection with Visual Art, Performance, Music and Architecture) taking place in an unique settings of extreme remoteness of the island Papa Westray (aka Papay), and in the time of extreme winter weather conditions. The idea of the festival has originated from the ancient Papay tradition of The Night of The Gyros, which till the beginning of 20s century was celebrated on the island in the first full moon of February. Against as reconstructing what is gone and almost forgotten, the festival is a reflection on the folktale, the island’s landscape and heritage, as well as interpretation of tradition and ritual, through new developments in art, music and architecture. The festival is a research lab and place for a discussion about interaction between new media and ideas related to tradition and ritual. During the festival, the island will be transformed into art space and artworks will be screened and exhibited in old farm buildings, boat houses, workshops, ruins and open landscape.

Amazing Nordic Music besides Björk, Sigur Rós, múm.
A Music Event of PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS ART FESTIVAL 2013 HK, an International Contemporary Art Festival (Experimental Film and Video Art in connection with Visual Art, Performance, Music and Architecture). ORKA started on the Faroe Islands and built innovative instruments out of materials found at the farm. Using these instruments ORKA made experiments crossing diverse genres as industrial, hip hop, rock, ethnic Faroese, and dub – one reviewer named the genre “Avant-Garde Pop”. ORKA had collaborated with the French, melodic noise-maker Yann TIERSEN as well. Special supporting by Caligine who had just collaborate with Kawabata Makoto in Shanghai tour and wonderful local musicians including Nelson HIU, Ling LEE, Paul YIP and Kahlil FONG’s father Les FONG.

《巴比齋魯之夜》是一個源於北歐的國際當代藝術節。 從實驗電影,錄像藝術出發,串連視覺藝術、音樂、表演和建築。在極端寒冷的天氣下,於偏遠的Papa Westray島嶼舉行。源於北歐古代Papay傳統的Gyros之夜,一直流傳至20世紀初都在二月的第一個滿月之日在島上慶祝。反對因重建而消失,幾乎被人遺忘的過去,《巴比齋魯之夜》透過藝術、音樂和建築的新發展,反映出當地的的民間故事,島上的景觀和歷史文化,並詮釋了傳統和儀式。此藝術節是一個實驗室,提供了討論新媒體與傳統禮儀之間的思考空間。節日期間島上幻變成藝術空間、藝術作品和錄像於古老的農務建築、船屋、工作室,廢墟和開放景地等不同地方展出。

北歐冰島一帶除了 Björk, Sigur Rós, múm 以外的好音樂。
ORKA樂隊於法羅群島成立 ,在農場搜羅物資製作新穎的樂器進行實驗,混合了不同曲風—包括工業音樂、嘻哈、搖滾、 法羅民族風以及敲擊樂,並曾與法國著名音樂人Yann TIERSEN合作。剛與河端一於上海合作演出的Caligine和本地音樂家Nelson HIU, Ling LEE, Paul YIP 及方大同的父親Les FONG 將作特別嘉賓。

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日期 Date: 13 April (Sat)
時間 Time: Door Open at 8pm
地點 Venue: Hidden Agenda
2A, Wing Fu Industrial Bldg, 15-17 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong
票價 Ticket Price:
HKD$100 (預售 Advance/學生 Student)
HKD$150 (即場 Walk-In)

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