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Art Basel Hong Kong 2023: Good Prospect! 2023巴塞爾藝展香港展會:好景!
Art Basel Hong Kong 2023: Good Prospect! 2023巴塞爾藝展香港展會:好景!
Art Basel Hong Kong 2023: Good Prospect! 2023巴塞爾藝展香港展會:好景!

Art Basel Hong Kong 2023: Good Prospect!2023巴塞爾藝展香港展會:好景!


We are living at the hinge of history – a turning point to reshape our future wisely and collectively for the next generation. Humanity is experiencing a growing cohesion and determination to recover in the post-pandemic era. It is evident that changes need to be embraced and made for healing to take place. Escaping to the virtual world or space colonization might not grant us a brighter future as once believed. It is inevitable to ask ourselves: What brought us into the disaster? What have we overlooked? What are the consequences? What shall we do now? To rebuild the prospect of humanity, we must realize the significance of these questions and tackle them with epiphany, faith, and courage.

Echoing such collective vision, Videotage put together 5 video works from East Asia – across video essays, travelogues, and pseudo advertisement that provides distinct perspectives on perceiving the ever-advancing technology and reminding us of our roles and responsibilities as the citizens of this new world.


為呼應這共同願景,錄映太奇匯集了 5 件來自東亞的錄像藝術作品,形式涵括錄像散文、遊記和偽廣告等,提醒人類如何重新認知不斷進步的科技,以及提醒我們作為新世界公民的身份與責任。

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Screening & Talk
Date: 24/3/2023 (Fri)
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Location: UB/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Su Hui Yu – Future Shock, 2019
Zhou Yinglin – One World, One Dream, 2018
Jamsen Law  – Re-presenting Queer Propaganda and Works, 1998
Chu ChunTeng  – ROOFTOP, 2018-19
Michael Leung – Solidarity with Aarey, 2020

Post-Screening Talk Speakers: Chu ChunTeng, Su Hui Yu, Zhou Yinglin
Discussion in English.

Registration link: A free public event. Stay tuned to our updates.


時間:11:00 am – 12:30 pm

蘇匯宇 -《未來的衝擊》,2019
周瑩林 -《One World, One Dream》,2018
羅琛堡 -《嗰啲宣傳片再現》,1998
朱駿騰 -《天台》 ,2018-19
梁志剛 -《Solidarity with Aare》,2020

映後講者:蘇匯宇、朱駿騰 、周瑩林