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[20/20] Video Screening 20/20 放映會

[20/20] Video Screening20/20 放映會


Presented by Videotage, [20/20] will screen Hong Kong video works from over the past 20 years. This screening party serves as a precious cross-generation artistic dialogue, bridging those in their 20s, born in the ’80s, and those who were in their 20s back in the ’80s.

Works to be screened include the 1996 music video by former band AMK; this year is exactly 20 years since their formation, so this is a celebratory chance for fans to see this rare MV that is now recorded onto the band’s 20th anniversary memorial boxset.

In addition, the screening will be juxtaposing Forever Tarkovsky Club’s — the underground band who became a smash hit and disbanded this year — collaborative music video with German video artist Gregor Samsa, with music video works made over a decade ago. Contrasting new versus old, let’s see if you can make any connections, and see how past independent creations impact new generations of youth?

The selected works not only reflect the importance of independent music in Hong Kong video art over the past two decades, but also recognizes young people’s enthusiasm and purpose in social and political issues. In the ’80s, the 20-year-olds were growing up in a generation of historical torrent, their voices give witness to great changes of the era, also affecting the historical view of Hong Kong people regarding the series of historical figures such as “89″, “64″, “97″ and “23″. Apart from having the courage to boldly express their views on social and political issues, this generation of art and culture people, now in, or getting into their 40s (such as Yau Ching, Ellen Pau, the member of AMK Anson Mak, Ernest Fung, Wong Chi Fai, etc.), have also created a unique visual language of expression through the publishing of their video works. All these have quietly influenced the younger generation, those now in their 20s.
Despite today’s youth growing up in an era of information explosion, often criticized by the community for being “politically apathetic” and “not caring”, they have in fact always had their own social and political views brewing from within. Such representative works selected for this screening include young artist Choi Sai Ho aka S.T.’s 2012 and Star, two works expressing his artistic stand on universal suffrage and the demolition of the old Star Ferry Pier; the Hong Kong Complaints Choir’s Complaint Song of Hong Kong, which belt out a mountain of complaints shared by much of the public (including discontent about taxes, West Kowloon, education, etc etc etc); and VJ Ferrous’ Policy Address, humorously ridiculing the Chief Executive’s unsatisfactory performance at the Legislative Council during his Policy Address.

The video works included in the [20/20] Screening precisely fills in this 20 year gap; each work is a recording of what generations think of social, cultural, as well as China-Hong Kong issues, from twenty years ago to today.

Screened on the day that celebrates the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the motherland, the same night will provide you with an exciting feast: “What (Not) to Eat on the 60th birthday of PRC? Big Wok Rice Party”, where Videotage now invite those who love to eat to contribute their creativity by providing a creative dish, be it edible or imaginary, specifically for the 60th birthday of PRC. Participants will be offered to the Big Wok Rice Party on October 31 for free. Interested parties are invited to BYOB and attend the dinner party; donations to support the event are optional but most welcome.

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Date: 31 October 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 7:45pm- 9:00pm
Venue: Videotage (Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kln., H.K.)

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