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CHOI Chi Hau, Thickest 蔡志厚

CHOI Chi Hau, Thickest蔡志厚

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Born in 1983, Hong Kong. He was named ‘Thickest’ by a secondary school classmate on the millenium, which was derived from his Chinese Name ‘Hau’ (Means Thickness).

He gained his Bachleor of Social Sciences from the School of Journalism and Communication (2006) and MA from Visual Culture Studies programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2009). His works has been shown in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, London, Romania and New York. He is the creator of the Lawnmap Hong Kong Project, and also one of the co-ordinator of the Complaints Choir of Hong Kong. In late 2012 he established the Nomadica Digital Community Lab, which aimed at building a new sense of community through online and offline experiments.