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The Measure of a Cloud
The Measure of a Cloud

The Measure of a Cloud

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A woman, trapped in an empty space, is found measuring her emotions reflected in the lonely mirror of her mind, clouded with sexual tension, looking for a place to land…
The Measure of a Cloud adopts a theatrical environment to explore the sexual tension in a woman’s mind; it is a revelation of a state of being and lasting.

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Woolingling 胡玲玲 graduated from the City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media in 2004. Since then, she has devoted herself to video-making in the context of theatre performances. Her works range from highly personal visual poetry to those of subtle critique of culture. Her video works had been shown in Brazil, Barcelona, and various video art festivals in Europe. She has rich experience in community art, engaging children and teenagers in self-expression via video-making, photography and theatre activities. In the past two years, she has helped to produce a number of experimental theatre performances and designed for their publicity.

“I have been working on images in the last few years. Through the camera lens, other than letting my eyes wander along different aspects, wavelengths and spectrums, it has also built up a buffer between my mismatched life and the practical world, allowing my muddled mind to hide at the other side of the lens, not only to provide alternative breathing space but also to let my tensed-up emotions sort out the balance between action and inaction so as to retain a touch of the inner voices in me.”



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