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The Dreamer 夢想者
The Dreamer 夢想者

The Dreamer夢想者

Single-channel Video
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“The Dreamer” it’s a single-minded still photography mutated into a narrative piece, propelling an intensely self-aware and contemporary emotional mannerism into an inquiry of the human as an irredeemably social, yet irredeemably isolated, animal.

This work explores the gap produced between the style and the poetics, and this latent intellectualism it’s pitched against the most intense of existential longings.

In doing so, the work unleashes questions about the intermingling of personal and social identity, the slippery function of language, and, finally, the surprisingly redemptive role of tragic romanticism.

On the surface of an oh-so-human dilemma this piece it’s essentially a video portrait. In it, “The Dreamer” ponders his life and relationship, revealing that he’s never happy alone. Accordingly, he wonders who he is and exactly what constitutes his very self.

“The Dreamer” actually speaks of the inability to define oneself for oneself, and the myriad of problems that arise when we begin to look into this inability in even the idlest of ways. To step outside the flow of the good life, even momentarily, risks its breakdown.


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