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Ode to Procrastination
Ode to Procrastination
Ode to Procrastination
Ode to Procrastination

Ode to Procrastination

Single-channel Video
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Rajam has piling errands and uncompleted work yet, she has not begun any of them. She wishes to wake up from the routine of being idle as time races, yet even her mind has no desire to wander out of the rut it has nested in. She makes peace with the liberty of being simply present instead of actively present. The film is made during the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2021 as part of the Film Pantoum Workshop with Khavn De La Cruz organised by Seashorts Film Festival.

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Gogularaajan Rajendran (Gogu) is an artist and director based in Kuala Lumpur. After graduating in architecture, he began his filmmaking career as an editor, and later as an assistant director. Through his art, he aims to show that even in this bleak world, through the power of innocence, magic can exist. He is committed to telling the story of Indian Malaysians which is rich in horror and humour, using provocative and poetic approaches. In 2021, Gogu received the Krishen Jit fund to document the stories of Malaysian Indian plantation workers during the 1960s. Currently, Gogu is developing his first feature film Kaali, Depth of Darkness. The film was the recipient of the inaugural mylab FINAS Award and has participated in the 2022 Film Bazaar Co-Production Market, in India.

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