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Matching 4 With 12 – Mapping Vapour 四搭十二:蒸發地圖
Matching 4 With 12 – Mapping Vapour 四搭十二:蒸發地圖

Matching 4 With 12 – Mapping Vapour四搭十二:蒸發地圖

Single-channel Video
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Pixelated like steam, colors like mist, what will be the difference between concentration and edge? The perception on the edge – desire, memory, faint scent, and chattering touch form a map, leaving traces of existence on the surface. The essence image is traces.

Humans are like steam, desires like mist, what will happen when stability and originality multiply? The relationship between you and me repeats endlessly, mixed definitions are just different from others, and the constantly changing flow is connected to the flow of desire: we do not want the same, but something new. “Mapping Vapour” is the second episode of the “Matching Four With Twelve” series, a completely different repetition.

像素如蒸氣,顏色像薄霧,集中與邊緣的分別會是怎樣?處於邊緣的知覺 – 欲望、記憶、微量的氣味及絮絮的觸覽構成地圖,在其表面留下了存在的蹤跡,影像的本質上就是蹤跡。


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Jamsen Law, born and grew up in Hong Kong, Jamsen Law’s independent video works have been exhibited in festivals in Europe, Asia, North and South America, such as Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, Transmediale Berlin and Ogaki Biennale. He also had his solo screenings in Toronto, Tokyo, Busan and Hong Kong. Jamsen’s works explore the meaning of process and existence, consciousness, interiority, desire and fear through multiple artforms.

After his research on media aesthetics in Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science in Japan, he started to curate media arts-related artist-in-residence and collaborative projects. He now teaches visual arts in Hong Kong Design Institute.

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