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Love is Hurt Trilogy 愛與害三部曲
Love is Hurt Trilogy 愛與害三部曲
Love is Hurt Trilogy 愛與害三部曲
Love is Hurt Trilogy 愛與害三部曲
Love is Hurt Trilogy 愛與害三部曲
Love is Hurt Trilogy 愛與害三部曲

Love is Hurt Trilogy愛與害三部曲

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Love and hurt are integral parts of human relationships and self-identity, as the saying “Hell is other people” , a quote from the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, has inspired the exploration of society’s impact on our inner self. My work explores the complex interplay between love, pain, and life. Drawing inspiration from surrealism, it examines three kinds of basic love that exist in society and relationships: friends, family, and lovers through a collection of experimental animations titled “Bird’s Corpse,” “Eden,” and “The White Mist,”.


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Pager Lam was raised in Hong Kong and deeply influenced by Jan Švankmajer and Cristobal León & Joaquín Cociña in her early years. She then studied in Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong and completed her Bachelor of Art degree in 2023. She is interested in exploring surrealism and existentialism. Born with a passion for both visual storytelling and poetry, Pager was fond of expressing her own story in an unique way. Pager’s animation style is characterized by its dreamlike features, evoking emotions in the viewer. Her works often challenge conventional narratives, delving into the depths of the human psyche. Through her works, Lam encourages audiences to reflect on their own existence and ponder the meaning of life.

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