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Fisso 菲索
Fisso 菲索
Fisso 菲索
Fisso 菲索
Single-channel Video
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Camera and negatives are seen as a medium to preserve memories in a way that the time will stay still forever at the moment the photos are taken. Fisso (2018) portrays a family in which camera plays a significant role. The photos the family members take give out a picture of the scattered family and how their life changes as days pass on, and, most importantly, tells the story of how they mend their relationships. 

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Raito Low Jing-Yi, an anima0on director from Malaysia based in Taiwan. Specializing in stop-mo0on anima0on. Currently studying at NTUA MAA master’s program, working as an Ar0st-in-Residency “51WEMEN” studio in THAV. Adhering to the spirit of experimental anima0on, using plants as the incarna0ons of females, find the similari0es between women and plants, and create a personal visual vocabulary that combines feminism and nature. Personal directed work including <Fisso><Blüte><Blumentanz>. 

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