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Art in Obscure procul II

Art in Obscure procul II

Single-channel Video
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「Art in Obscure procul II 」是一份「.gif節:左右右左移動」第3回合的委約作品,是與其他4位藝術家(穴建築、Alice Duranti、陳航峰、黃琦㼆)合作的一系列5張GIF的一部份。
“Art in Obscure procul II ” is a commissioned work in round 3 and a part of the series consisting 5 GIFs collaborated with 4 other artists (KUNT_ARCH、Alice Duranti、Chen Hangfeng、Wong Kei Ying) in “.gif Festival: Left Right Right Left Movement” (LRRLM).
LRRLM commissioned 10 artists driving on each other’s GIFs to generate 10 series of GIFs in 5 rounds, which has been the materials for experimentation in workshops and closing performance, and disseminated into Giphy for public use, sharing and reproduction.
Preview of the work: https:,,,gifs
Production process of the work: https:,,,production-process

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Terence Baier, born in 1989 in Germany and raised in the Netherlands, graduated art academy in 2017 at the AKI institute in Enschede, NL. Terence Baier is functioning in an dystopian world, having one foothold in the never-resting machine called society, and another foothold in the free-spirited autonomous world. This experience feeds the artistic toolbox that creates Terence Baier’s dadaistic arena. ​

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