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Ah Ming’s Macau 亞明的澳門
Ah Ming’s Macau 亞明的澳門
Ah Ming’s Macau 亞明的澳門
Ah Ming’s Macau 亞明的澳門

Ah Ming’s Macau亞明的澳門

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Critically- acclaimed as the first Macau people’s movie under the Portuguese Administration, Ah Ming’s Macao was a touching semi-autobiographical short film about the director who returned to his place of birth from the USA in 1994 to make his master’s graduation film. Through the process of seeking funding from the government and private organizations for this short film, Ah Ming encountered difficulties in the creative work. Through interviewing different walks of people in Macau, Ah Ming also understood their different expectations toward the return of Macao to China in 1999.

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Chu Iao-ian was born and raised in Macau. He got his Master Degree in Film Production in the school of Cinema-TV of University of Southern California in 1997. He is now a freelance filmmaker. Ah Ming’s Macau is his Master Thesis project. This film was invited to a number of film festivals in USA and Europe.

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