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TSE Ngo Chun Phoenix 謝傲俊

TSE Ngo Chun Phoenix謝傲俊

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Phoenix Ngo Chun Tse lives and works between Hong Kong and London. He is a research-driven artist and curator. Working across the mediums of moving image, text, installation and performance, his practice engages with micro-histories, decolonialism, hauntology, transnationalism and media archaeology. He studied his BA (Hons) Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts and MFA Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art.

謝傲俊於香港和倫敦居住及工作,他是一位以研究型藝術家及策展人。他的創作通過不同的媒介如流動影像、文字、裝置及表演,探索了微觀歷史、解殖主義、魂在論、跨國主義及媒體考古學等問題。他曾於Chelsea College of Arts修讀藝術文學士及於倫敦大學學院(Slade School of Fine Art)取得藝術碩士學位。

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