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The Ghost of Sister Ping 魅影蹤跡

The Ghost of Sister Ping魅影蹤跡

27/10/2017 - 17/11/2017

On the occasion of its 10th year anniversary, the MA in Visual Culture Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong will collaborate with Videotage to organize an exhibition and symposium exploring how a study of ghosts and their representations in visual culture can be used to expand and subvert notions of gender roles and academic productivity. Arguing for artistic approaches alongside analytical readings of ghosts, we will contemplate ghostly narratives from the point of view of intellectual and sexual empowerment.

The exhibition will feature the artwork The Ghost of Sister Ping, a multi-media installation based on a reinterpretation of historical Chinese ghost fictions filmed on location in Hong Kong’s north-eastern New Territories. The artwork presents the frustrated romance of a young academic lecturer, Sister Ping, as a looping montage of her life accompanied by a soundtrack of her powerfully ethereal and sexy voice. Visitors are welcome to join the love journey of Sister Ping, feeling her love affair more closely by touching her clothes and peeping into the bedroom of her ex-lover, who deserted her for a male lover and homme fatale, Fritz.

The artwork features emerging talent Sandy Liu Honam as Sister Ping and is written and directed by Katrien Jacobs in collaboration with Li Tiecheng, Gloria Furness, Evangelo Costadimas (BaoBao Films) and Fan Popo (Papa Rainbow, 2016).

The exhibition will also feature work about the power of animal ghosts by Kacey Wong.


展覽的多媒體裝置藝術《萍姐倩魂》,是歷代中國鬼怪小說的現代新編,影片在香港新界東北取景。故事講 述年輕學術講師萍姐坎坷的愛情經歷。作品用循環蒙太奇的手法伴隨她輕柔而性感的聲音,闡述她的一生。歡迎訪客加入萍姐的愛情旅途,透過觸摸她的衣物,近距離體味她的戀愛故事;訪客亦可窺探她前度的寢室。萍姐被人拋棄,更發現他身陷一段同性戀關係,被較他年輕許多的蛇蠍情人弗里茨(Fritz)壓在身下。

作品中的主角萍姐由新人廖浩嵐出演,余幼薇(Katrien Jacobs)身兼編劇和導演,李鐵成、Gloria Furness、 Evangelo Costadimas (Baobao Films)、及范坡坡 (《彩虹伴我行》, 2016) 參與製作。

展覽同場亦會展出來自黃國才(Kacey Wong)關於動物鬼魂的作品。

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Schedule of Events:
“The Ghost of Sister Ping” Exhibition Time & Venue:
27 October 2017 – 17 November 2017, 12pm – 7pm (Mon-Sat) @ Videotage, Cattle Depot, To Kwa Wan

“The Ghost of Sister Ping” Exhibition Opening
27 October 2017 (Fri) 7pm-9pm @ Videotage, Cattle Depot, To Kwa Wan (Shuttle buses will be arranged from CUHK)

Other Activities:
Symposium on “Ghostly Temptations: Artistic and Sexual Empowerment in Academia” 30 October 2017 (Mon) @ The Chinese University of Hong Kong

3pm-5pm @ G24 Fung King Hey Building, CUHK:
Roundtable Discussion on “Rebirth of The Artistic Academy”:
An open dialogue between local artists and artist-scholars.
Participants: Prof. Judith Zeitlin (U. Chicago), Prof. Helen Grace (U. Sydney), Prof. Lo Kwai Cheung (HKBU), Prof. Katrien Jacobs (CUHK), Prof. Benny Lim (CUHK), Dr. Li Tiecheng (CUHK), Dr. Isaac Leung (EUHK), Dr. Kacey Wong (Artist), Dr. Ian Fong (Independent Scholar), Ms. Tammy Cheung (Filmmaker)

7pm-9pm @ Swire Hall LT1, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK:
Keynote Lecture by Prof. Judith Zeitlin (U. Chicago) on “Spirit Marriage & Phantom Heroines: From Chinese Literature to East Asian Film & Media”

《魅影蹤跡》展覽日期: 27.10.2017 – 17.11.2017
時間:中午 12 時至晚上 7 時 (周一至周六)

2017 年 10 月 27 日(周五)晚上 7 時至 9 時 @ 香港土瓜灣牛棚藝術村錄映太奇

2017 年 10 月 30 日(周一)@ 香港中文大學

下午 3 時至 5 時 @ 香港中文大學馮景禧樓人文雅集 G24
圓桌討論「藝術學院的重生」: 藝術家與學者公開討論抗衡傳統學術生產與另類文化知識的研究方式,把藝術方法引入實踐知識的好處。參與者: 蔡九迪教授(芝加哥大學)、Helen Grace 教授(雪梨大學)、羅貴祥教授(香港浸會大學)、余幼薇教授(香港中文大學)、林國偉教授(香港中文大學) 、李鐵成博士(香港中文大學)、梁學彬博士(香港教育大學)、黃國才博士(藝術家)、方浩然博士(獨立學者)、張虹女士(製片人)


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